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Now many owners will paste wallpaper on the wall when decorating at home. It's very simple to see the wallpaper pasted on the wall safely. When they go to paste it, they find a little skill. Although it's not very complicated to paste wallpaper, there are also certain technical requirements. A lot of preparatory work needs to be done before the formal wallpaper is pasted. First, we need to understand the steps of decoration and wallpaper pasting in order to better paste by ourselves or supervise and grasp the construction of workers. Here is a brief introduction to the steps of decoration and wallpaper pasting

step 1 of decorating and pasting wallpaper

then the processing of wall batch. This step is to smooth the uneven or concave cracks with materials, and then the next day after the wall is approved, it can be polished with sand. I believe everyone knows the importance of this step, and the next step is to brush a protective layer for the wall. In terms of material selection, base film or varnish can be used. In this way, the wall surface will not be damaged when changing wallpaper

step 2 of decorating and pasting wallpaper

after these problems on the wall are solved, let it be put aside for a period of time, and paste wallpaper after the wall is dry. The ranking of Wuhan decoration company suggests that in the process of waiting, you should also check the wallpaper you bought and clean the serial numbers first to avoid accidents. After this step, you can make glue. In the prepared glue, use a chopstick to check the concentration of the glue, and remember to add a little wall glue, so that the adhesion of the glue is better

the third step of decorating and pasting wallpaper

and the next two are certainly the cutting steps of wallpaper. Check the size measured in advance, and cut according to the size after there is no problem. When cutting, pay attention to leave a length of five to eight centimeters, which will be used when trimming. After cutting, brush the back of the wallpaper with a brush waving other tools, mainly around and in the center, so that the effect is the best

step 4 of decorating and pasting wallpaper

this last step is finally the real wallpaper part. The first wallpaper is very important. You must find the right position before you start to operate. Then, scrape the wallpaper in order from top to bottom, repeat the same action, remove those bubbles and excess glue, and then paste the first one down. Pay attention to the texture and color difference when pasting, and pay careful attention to the interface of the pattern, Otherwise, the quality of the wallpaper will not be much better

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