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Before decoration, I didn't have a concept of budget quotation. I've been hesitant to decide which company to choose. That's the situation of most owners. In the face of the first decoration, not to mention the decoration company or the decoration kitten. In this regard, Wuhan Decoration Xiaobian's suggestion is to find the quotation of houses with similar apartment types and areas in the same community, make reference in advance, understand the decoration needs of yourself and your family, compare the single price to the overall price one by one, and choose the quotation that you are more acceptable is reasonable. Next, Xiaobian will share the latest decoration quotation of 86 square meters of Yuya Silver Lake City. Let's have a look

[Yuya Yinhu City 86 square meters housing information]

area: 86 square meters; House type structure: two rooms and two halls; Decoration method: half package; (you can participate in the group assembly of the community)

we can see the above quotation. As a reference, the decoration quotation budget of the community of nearly 90 square meters is about a little more than 40000, because the geographical location of Yuya Yinhu city is still ideal, and the owners of basic projects such as hydropower construction also pay great attention to it. Only after the early stage is laid, the subsequent project will be more smooth. In addition, the decoration of the guest restaurant and aisle includes wall decoration, tile and floor installation, ceiling, background wall modeling and other projects, so the cost is slightly higher, indicating that the owner is a person who pays more attention to the quality of life

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