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In recent years, with the development of the real estate market, the decoration industry is booming, but the disputes caused by decoration are also increasing year by year. According to the data of Huishan court, 19 decoration contract disputes were accepted in 2011, with a year-on-year increase of 58.3%, while 32 disputes were accepted in 2012, with an increase of 68%. Li, who has been doing decoration for many years, does not operate a formal decoration company. He only takes the decoration team composed of fellow villagers and works everywhere. In 2011, Hu planned to open a clothing store and met Li through a friend's introduction. Hu and Li negotiated a price of 50000 yuan, and the two sides did not confirm the details of the decoration. One month later, the project was completed, and because the payment was not paid in full, Hu wrote an IOU for the decoration payment of 19000 yuan. It didn't take long for the paint to fall off and cracks to appear on the wall of the store. Hu checked carefully and found that the decoration materials were cheap, so he didn't want to pay the remaining 19000 yuan. After Li's request was fruitless, he took Hu to court with a paper petition of arrearage. Because Hu could not provide evidence for the quality problem, and the ious for the decoration fee was indeed written by Hu, the court supported Li's claim. It is understood that in the current decoration market, there are many guerrillas like Li. Most of them have no decoration qualification, and often undertake projects at low prices. There are often quality problems in decoration. Insiders revealed that many home decoration guerrillas reached their construction intentions with the owners through the introduction of relatives and friends. Due to the friendship between the two sides, most of the contracts were signed irregularly. Even for formal decoration companies, the parties focus more on the agreement of the total price or buy it now price, and do not agree in detail on many contents such as the acceptance method, delivery date and material brand. In addition, the increase or decrease of materials and project changes during the decoration process, both parties often communicate orally. Once there is a dispute, both parties will stick to their own words. If we want to do quality appraisal, it is often time-consuming and laborious. We continue to haggle over the price of materials, and the owner often suffers losses and compromises in the end. The judge reminded consumers that the decoration contract should clarify the project items, process practices, material descriptions, supply methods, payment methods, project quality, maintenance, warranty and other terms, the more detailed the better. At the same time, because the phenomenon of affiliation is relatively common in the home decoration market, consumers should recognize the payment object when paying the project funds, and require to issue effective collection vouchers to avoid disputes due to improper payment




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