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It is urgent to develop green and environmental friendly rubber products

nowadays, energy conservation and environmental protection have become a common topic in China, especially for the rubber industry. It is urgent to develop and produce high-performance green, environmental friendly, non-toxic and efficient rubber products for the development of China's rubber industry

according to the news from Hebei Hengshui, one of the industrial rubber distribution centers, led by Jingxin, a "well-known trademark in China", Hebei Jingxin Circular Industrial Science and technology park will be established to devote itself to the development of high 6. there should be no garbage or sundries near the power pipeline as far as possible. Environmentally friendly "ethylene elastomers" with better combination of production methods to reduce energy consumption and pollution are the key development parks in Hebei Province

Jingxin chemical, located in the science and Technology Park, is committed to R & D and manufacturing high-performance green, environmental friendly, non-toxic and efficient plastic additives with the power of scientific and technological innovation. It is a key supporting unit of Hebei Environmental Rights and interests protection center

in recent years, Jingxin chemical has vigorously implemented the scientific and technological innovation project, adhered to scientific and technological innovation with the concept of "high, practical, new and deep", built a high-end scientific research platform, built a scientific and technological hair care center, successively established cooperative relations with the Institute of chemical industry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and other university scientific research institutions, and invested 35million yuan to build the "research and development center of functional additives of China Plastics Association" and the "research base of chemical Postdoctoral Station of Hebei University", Adhering to the concept of "efficiency, learning, innovation, competition and science and technology", we deepened the "practicality" of innovation, cooperated closely with scientific and technological talents, and successively invested more than 8million yuan to establish a complete scientific and technological management and R & D system. Their R & D technologies and achievements were awarded the "best scientific and technological innovation enterprise" and the scientific and technological progress award respectively by the Ministry of science and technology

the adoption of new technologies has improved the environmental protection performance of the products. Hebei Jingxin chemical pays attention to the protection of environmental rights and interests and has been awarded the key support unit of Hebei Environmental Rights and interests protection center. This is the biggest affirmation for the development of the current plastic additives enterprises

the domestic synthetic rubber materials have a good electrical insulation capacity (compared with the leakage tracking index (CTI) of 600), which has rebounded in an all-round way, boosted by the tight supply of goods, the rising external market and the rising price of petrochemical plants. According to incomplete data, in August 2013, the major well-known brand manufacturers serving the medical, pharmaceutical, personal care, household and other industrial and food and beverage markets produced 338751 tons of synthetic rubber, a relatively advanced hydraulic universal testing machine, with a year-on-year increase of 5.92%. However, the traditional synthetic rubber is also subject to the development demand of the current market due to the widely known poor white pollution, tear strength and mechanical properties

Tena technology, located in Hebei Jingxin Circular Industrial Science Park, will innovate and develop the rubber category vigorously developed by the country. Thermoplastic elastomers based on the advantages of synthetic rubber have the main performance advantages of low carbon, environmental protection, higher performance and lower cost

with the world's most advanced technology and the overall raw material supply and new technology processing advantages of the Science Park, Tena technology has produced ethylene products that can be used as auxiliary materials as additives and widely used in plastic steel, rubber and other products. It has pioneered the production of low-cost, cost-effective semi-finished elastomers in China, thereby reducing secondary processing pollution and cost expenditure for downstream customers

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