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It is urgent to expand the recycling rate of waste paper in China. Making full use of waste paper resources is one of the important measures to adjust the raw material structure of China's paper industry. The utilization of waste paper can not only save a lot of plant fiber raw materials, energy and reduce costs, but also protect the environment. It not only achieves economic benefits, but also has good social and environmental benefits. It is an important content of the paper industry to implement circular economy. Due to the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the shortage of papermaking raw materials, recycling waste paper for papermaking has been paid attention to by the world papermaking industry. At present, many paper-making enterprises in China attach importance to and are expanding the use of waste paper for papermaking. In 1988, the consumption of waste paper in China was only 3.084 million tons. In 2003, it reached 19.2 million tons, 6.2 times that of 1988. At present, the consumption of waste pulp in China has accounted for 52% of the total paper pulp. This fully shows that China's paper industry has a greater dependence on waste paper

however, it should be noted that the recycling situation of domestic waste paper is not very ideal. At present, the domestic waste paper recovery rate is only 30.6%

in recent years, China's import of waste paper has soared, from 384000 tons in 1988 to 12.3069 million tons in 2004. According to the prediction of relevant departments, the import volume of waste paper in China may have reached 16million tons in 2005. China has become the largest waste paper importer in the world. According to the statistics of the American Forest Paper Association, in 2003, the world's tradable waste paper volume was about 2550 tons, and China accounted for 36.8%%. In that year, the United States exported 13.9 million tons, of which 5.92 million tons were sold to China, accounting for 43%. China imports 3million tons of waste paper from Europe, accounting for 75% of the total sales of waste paper in Europe. In 2004, China imported 12.3 million tons of waste paper, accounting for more than 48% of the world's 7 tradable waste paper with good antistatic properties. This has not only led to a sharp rise in the international waste paper price, but also led to a rise in the domestic waste paper price

at present, the proportion of waste paper as raw material in China's paper industry is increasing, and the demand is increasing. However, the recycling rate of domestic paper is low, and imported waste paper has become one of the important raw materials of China's paper industry. In the past 12 years, a number of new paper machines using waste paper as raw material will be put into operation in China, and the demand for waste paper will continue to increase significantly, mostly considering the use of imported waste paper. However, it is reported that the foreign paper industry is also increasing the consumption of waste paper. Their new paper machines using waste paper as raw material are also increasing. But we know that increasing the amount of imported waste paper can alleviate the current shortage of papermaking raw materials in China. However, in the future, China's annual import of waste paper will continue to increase, while the increase in the amount of waste paper available in the international market will be relatively reduced. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the availability of foreign waste paper resources and the dynamics of domestic imports. We cannot rely too much on imported waste paper resources. Because, once the international market is in trouble, it will put us in a passive situation. In order to avoid crisis, our paper-making enterprises must have countermeasures and risk preparation. While expanding the use of imported waste paper, we must be prepared for danger in times of peace, have a sense of hardship, and seriously consider this major issue related to the future development of China's paper industry and paper enterprises. To reduce the excessive dependence on imported waste paper, China must increase the recycling of domestic waste paper, strive to improve the recycling rate of domestic waste paper, formulate corresponding policies and regulations to guide, and actively take effective measures to do a good job in the recycling organization of domestic waste paper

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