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With the gradual improvement of the market economy, China's gear industry has achieved great development, and its product categories are becoming more and more complete. It is widely used in more than 20 fields, such as aviation and shipping, weapons and equipment, automobile and motorcycle agricultural machinery, machine tools, engineering machinery, rail transit, cement construction, lifting and transportation, mining and metallurgy, power energy, petrochemical industry, instruments and meters. An independent and complete industrial system has been formed. The backbone enterprises in the industry have initially possessed the ability to develop new products, and have made important contributions to the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. They are an indispensable part of modern industry. Under the market competition mechanism, the problems in China's gear market are increasingly exposed

there are problems in the catalogue of advantageous industries for foreign investment in the central and western regions (I)

1. The industries are too scattered and the market competition is disordered. Gear products are in the middle of the industrial chain and are sandwiched between powerful iron and steel metallurgical enterprises and machine assembly enterprises. International multinational groups take advantage of the old habit that Chinese enterprises' peers are enemies, and their peers do not interact with each other. They break through each other, depress each other's prices, and purchase at low prices, resulting in vicious competition among scattered gear enterprises, which makes it difficult for many small enterprises to form independent innovation capabilities and are in an embarrassing situation of striving for survival; Some enterprises are surveying and mapping the products of others, counterfeiting famous brands and disrupting the market; Therefore, the tooth Association advocates that enterprises strengthen cooperation in the industrial chain, organize alliances or mergers and reorganizations, improve the concentration of gear enterprises, and call on enterprises to maintain fair competition in the market. For example, setting the market access conditions in the standards, the annual work meeting of the axle industrial chain, the recently established axle gear enterprise association, the brewing of the urban bus energy saving industrial chain and the CVT industrial chain are all explorations to adjust the industrial structure and standardize the market

2. The industrial chain has not been formed, and the enterprise lacks pricing power. The gearbox manufacturing industrial chain has not been formed, which is mainly realized as follows: gear products are supplied from high-quality materials, less and no cutting precision forging blanks, strict control of internal quality of heat treatment, and gear finishing and testing ability. Flexible assembly line for gear box assembly. A relatively sound industrial chain market system has not been formed, which has affected the improvement of gear product level, the improvement of product quality traceability system and the formation of enterprise pricing power. The pricing power is not a monopoly price, but a discourse power of pricing, upstream and downstream negotiation and equal negotiation power. The leading units of various products have the right to organize relevant enterprises to strive for the right to speak in the market

3. Enterprises lack innovation ability and are difficult to participate in international competition. Only a few enterprises in the gear industry have established technology centers, and only a few enterprises with technology centers have the ability of independent innovation. Due to the lack of innovation ability, most enterprises are only processing and manufacturing enterprises seeking to process. They do not have the ability to upgrade their products. They are forced to participate in disorderly competition by expanding production capacity and selling at low quality and low price. As the products are difficult to upgrade, they do not have the ability to participate in the competition in the middle and high-end gear Market in the international market

(II) development suggestions

1. Adjust the gear industrial structure and accelerate the upgrading of the gear industry. Improve the industry concentration and form a large number of large, medium and small-scale enterprises; Through the design and development of products with independent intellectual property rights, a number of leading enterprises of vehicle driveline have been formed, which will undoubtedly enhance the utilization of 3D printing prototypes and components in the aerospace field, integrate the gear industry market, and enhance the overall market competitiveness

2. Combination of informatization and Mechatronics on the other hand, China's gear industry presents a development trend of design informatization, equipment intelligence, process automation and management modernization. The upgrading of industrialization inevitably requires new production methods - lean production, agile manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, networked manufacturing and so on. Chinese gear enterprises are changing from scale speed type to innovation benefit type, and turning to a new stage of scientific development

3. Strengthen innovation and product positioning publicity to enhance the market competitiveness of international brands. Increase the input of capacity and resources, realize specialization and networking, and form a large number of famous enterprises with distinctive processes, products and rapid response ability; Through technological transformation, we can realize the transformation of modern gear manufacturing enterprises relying on their own advantages

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