It is urgent to strengthen information security

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There is no time to delay in strengthening information security. Recently, the State Council issued several opinions on vigorously promoting information development and effectively ensuring information security. While making arrangements for accelerating information development, the State Council clearly proposed to improve security protection and management, ensure information security in key areas, speed up capacity-building, and improve network and information security

with the development and popularization of information technology, economic and social activities have become more dependent on the information network, and information security has become a key factor related to national security. In recent years, new changes have taken place in the global network security threats, and the threat of network war between countries is increasing. China's information security work is facing a severe situation

on the one hand, global network security threats are entering a new stage, and state supported and organized network attacks are beginning to appear. Such attacks mainly target key infrastructure and its control system. They are not aimed at seeking economic benefits, but to steal sensitive information or paralyze the operation of key infrastructure. This kind of attack means complex, behavior hidden, showing the characteristics of sustainability, once successfully implemented, it will do great harm. After the earthquake and Duqu virus, the recently emerged flame virus has a powerful spy ability, and can launch dynamic attacks on the experimental machine products developed to display experimental data and results against any country that vacuum gold plating on the section

on the other hand, various countries have accelerated the arms race in cyberspace, which has affirmed the composition conditions and laws of -pbo2 oxide film, and the threat of cyberspace war has become increasingly serious. Countries have accelerated the research and development of network weapons, formed network forces, and authorized the military to use force to counterattack against network attacks through legislation. Cyber war is not only limited to wartime attacks against military targets and military related civilian targets, but also includes cyber attacks against a country's key infrastructure. In the future, it will be possible to launch a cyber attack against a country, which will paralyze the country's key infrastructure and cause disastrous harm to the country and society

the new situation of information security requires China to strengthen information security, especially to ensure the security of key infrastructure. To ensure the safety of key infrastructure, we should focus on two aspects: first, we should ensure the safety of important information systems related to the national economy and the people's livelihood in energy, microcomputer controlled impact testing machines, transportation, finance and other fields, as well as basic information networks such as telecommunications, radio and television, and interconnection; second, we should ensure the safety of industrial control systems in important fields

at present, there are still some problems in the security of important information systems and basic information networks in China, including insufficient security protection measures, inadequate management, interruption and shutdown due to technical failures and system defects, and frequent major security incidents such as sensitive information disclosure due to attacks, tampering and vulnerability exploitation. In this regard, we should not only plan, build and operate security protection facilities synchronously, but also strengthen the tracking research on new network threats and carry out basic technology research and development such as vulnerability mining. At the same time, strengthen the security assessment of important information systems and basic information networks, urge relevant enterprises to establish information security protection systems, and implement information security technology protection and management measures. Finally, we should accelerate the substitution of domestic technology products for foreign products

industrial control systems are widely used in aerospace, advanced manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, transportation and other fields. With the development of computer and network technology, industrial control system products are increasingly using general protocols, general hardware and general software to connect with public networks such as interconnection in various ways. The security problem of industrial control system is becoming increasingly prominent. Once security problems occur in industrial control system, sensitive information and key control data may be stolen, tampered and damaged, and industrial production and operation may be paralyzed, resulting in huge economic losses. To ensure the safety of industrial control system, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the safety protection and management of industrial control system in important fields, and establish the safety inspection and risk assessment system of industrial control system; On the other hand, it is necessary to carry out vulnerability detection and security evaluation on industrial control terminals, communication equipment, chips, software and other software and hardware products, and establish a security risk and vulnerability notification system for industrial control systems

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