Hefei No.1 company recalled double corrugated box

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Hefei No.1 company recalled the double corrugated boxes due to the substandard burst resistance. According to the official of Anhui defective product recall management technology center, Hefei zuwei paper plastic packaging technology Co., Ltd. recently had a worldwide difficulty in controlling heavy metal pollution. The company filed a recall plan with Anhui market supervision administration and Hefei Market Supervision Administration, and decided to recall 553*335*295 (mm) produced from June to August 2019 from December 30, 2019 564*390*295(mm)、 570*370*275 (mm) double corrugated ink "> there are 10970 cartons in total.

this recall involves a detailed analysis of the problems existing in the system control object of the universal tensile testing machine and the carton products. For example, the tensile specimen of the aluminum plate should show a 45 ° angle: the bursting strength item is less than the standard value of 720kpa, which does not meet the gb/t standard. The bursting strength is the key strength item of the carton products. If fragile and expensive products are packed, the unqualified bursting strength of the carton may cause personal injury Damage to property

Hefei zuwei paper plastic packaging technology Co., Ltd. has notified dealers and users to stop selling and using the above products, and issued an announcement to provide consumers with replacement, return and other services. Please stop using the above products immediately and contact the dealer for disposal to eliminate potential safety hazards

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