Hebei Yongnian cracked down on 25 illegal glass pr

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Hebei Yongnian cracked down on 25 illegal glass processing workshops

to further strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution. Recently, Yongnian formed a joint law enforcement team to carry out intensive and surprise special operations, sealed down 17 small glass processing factories, banned 25 workshops, and administratively detained 9 illegal suspects

destroy production equipment on site

it is reported that in order to fully deal with atmospheric environmental pollution, 50 people from the Environmental Protection Bureau, Public Security Bureau, high tech building materials Park and other departments of Yongnian joint zone formed a joint law enforcement team to carry out surprise law enforcement activities, including the seizure and ban of small glass processing sites around Liugu village and Yao village in liuhan township. At 20:00 on the evening of the 15th, the joint law enforcement team rushed to Liugu village and Yao village in liuhan township for on-site investigation and punishment. On the spot, measures were taken to investigate, seal and suspend 9 enterprises, 9 illegal suspects were arrested, and administrative detention was carried out (the case is still under further trial). From the 16th to the 18th, the law enforcement action continued. The law enforcement team rented five forklifts, hook ups, etc. in strict accordance with the ban standard of "shut down production, cut off water and power, and remove equipment". This centralized action banned a total of 25 workshops in 17 factories and stalls according to law. And all the factories and stalls supplied by Yongnian are powered off. At present, some factories and stalls supplied by Shahe City are coordinating the power outage with Shahe City

destroy production equipment

it is understood that the 25 glass processing workshops of 17 factories and stalls that were seized this time have been banned for many times in recent years, of which the most recent action was in July this year. However, driven by interests, these small glass processing plants should at least rely on the geographical "advantages" of the laboratory space. The "made in China 2025" proposed that China's strategy to achieve a manufacturing power is 4 meters; For horizontal tensile testing machine products, renting warehouses, closing doors during the day and producing at night are adopted to avoid supervision and secretly resume production

law enforcement officers sealed the scene

in order to consolidate the results of the ban, strictly prevent these small glass processing stalls from returning to work and rebound, Yongnian further strengthened long-term supervision. Make it clear that the Secretary of the township party committee and the head of the township are the leading supervisors, PVC operation panel, and submit the "letter of commitment for the investigation and rectification of polluting enterprises" to the district government to implement the long-term supervision needs to cooperate with the electronic extended measurement and management measures. At the same time, according to the township territorial management and industry management of environmental supervision, a three-level and two-way "grid leader" mechanism of "horizontal to the edge, vertical to the bottom, no intersection and no overlap" is established between districts, townships, villages and various department integration stations, so as to clarify the supervision scope and of each grid leader, and form a good atmosphere for the mobilization of the whole people to combat environmental pollution

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