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Masteel (Hefei) smelting plant was shut down in 2016, and the six major projects of innovation, transformation and development in the future

Masteel (Hefei) company closed the whole vehicle in Yaohai district. Today, the smelting plant is becoming lighter and lighter, and the time has been fixed in 2016. The company will innovate, transform and develop six new projects in the future. The temperature at which deformation occurs at Masteel is usually called the softening point of plastic. It is a foregone conclusion that TS (Hefei) company will shut down all smelting plants located in Yaohai district. In the future, the company will innovate, transform and develop six new projects. However, the time for the company to bid farewell to metallurgy was set in 2016, nearly two years later than the plan announced at the beginning of this year

why is the shutdown postponed? It takes two years for the transformation project to mature. In December last year, Ma Hegang attracted social attention because of environmental protection problems. Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau issued a ticket and ordered it to treat within a time limit, otherwise it was ordered to stop production. Since this year, a coke oven, a blast furnace, a converter, a 20 ton boiler and a continuous casting plant with serious pollution have been shut down, and a work plan to shut down all smelting plants by October has been formulated

huizhigang, deputy general manager of Masteel group, announced at the meeting that the previous plan would be adjusted and the shutdown period would be postponed for two years, that is, to achieve the shutdown by 2016. Qin Changrong, chairman of Maanshan Iron and steel (Hefei) Co., Ltd., revealed that due to the shutdown of some facilities, the steel production capacity of Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has been reduced by 1/3 since this year, and the coking production capacity of 300000 tons has been eliminated, which has also pushed MAANSHAN iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to the watershed of transformation and development. It is estimated that the company's benefits will be reduced by 165million yuan every year, and the income of more than 5000 employees will be directly affected. Therefore, the idea of digging canals first and then releasing water is adopted to ensure the smooth transformation and the proper placement of workers

according to the plan, Ma Hegang will take the project to start on the 20th as the leader, and then transfer a group of employees when the project is mature. Huizhigang revealed that based on this calculation, the project will be put into operation in 2016, and the shutdown of the existing Hefei company has also been determined as this time

where is the transformation path? Involved in housing industrialization and monocrystalline silicon, six major projects outline the future

the national steel industry is in a cold winter, but whether it is holding Mahe steel to move forward with a heavy load, the last month of strengthening the construction of the standard system has begun to make profits, which is very difficult. Wu Cunrong said that in sharp contrast to the popularity of the furnace in the steel-making workshop, iron and steel enterprises are going through the ice age, and this transformation of Mahe steel is also making room for the next step of sustainable development

8 years, although Ma Hegang has successively invested 350million yuan in the transformation and upgrading of environmental protection facilities, it is still hovering on the red line of environmental protection due to the characteristics of the industry. Due to the congenital defects of the equipment of the former Hegang company and the annual improvement of the national emission standards, individual processes can not be treated to the current national emission standards under the current technical conditions. Qin Changrong said frankly that the implementation of transformation and development is the inevitable choice at present

Qin Changrong revealed the transformation direction: it will focus on steel manufacturing, develop extended processing of plate and strip products, strengthen non steel plates, and strive to expand extended industries, develop a variety of economies, and achieve industrial upgrading. Therefore, in addition to the continuous galvanizing line project started on the 20th, the company has also selected five transformation and development projects, most of which are encouraged by the state to develop industries. If everything goes well, it will start construction in the first half of next year. Hui Zhigang said

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