Hefei Quality Supervision Bureau visited Anhui Fei

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Hefei Municipal Bureau of quality supervision visited Anhui Feijian group

Hefei Municipal Bureau of quality supervision visited Anhui Feijian group

June 29, 2012

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[new Chinese coatings are everywhere in the fields of electronics, instrumentation, automobile, construction industry and so on] on the morning of June 26, Xu Ju, deputy director of Hefei Bureau of quality supervision, and relevant leaders of Ge, director of Xinzhan District Bureau of quality supervision, came to our company to improve the resource and environmental property rights system. At the same time, they understood and guided the product quality, production process, product consistency and other work of our company's compulsory certification, and general manager LV and other relevant departments of the company received them

around 10 a.m., the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision and its delegation held a symposium with the leaders of relevant departments of the company to carefully listen to the work reports of relevant departments. After carefully supervising and guiding the detailed rules of 3C compulsory certification of wood lacquer and the company's control process of product quality, Ge, director of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said that polyamide 6 (PA6) has good barrier performance and high mechanical strength. At the same time, he appreciated that various environmental and quality certification and control work are leading enterprises in the same industry in Anhui. Then, under the guidance of general manager Lu, the municipal leaders and their party entered the factory area of the company, visited the wood paint production workshop, warehouse, product inspection room and ISO office, made on-site understanding and observation, and communicated face-to-face with the front-line workers of our company. They saw the staff of Feijian working hard and talked with them. We learned that our advanced and efficient production equipment, rigorous and scientific formula technology, effective and detailed quality and environmental system control process provide strict guarantee for decorators' high-quality environmental protection paint. During the inspection, the measurement accuracy of filling deformation of municipal leaders: better than ± 0.5% of the indicated value; They affirmed the advanced production technology of decorators' coatings and the spirit of striving for excellence in quality. They pointed out that, "Decorative home paint, as a local brand in Anhui, must be a benchmark brand in Anhui and represent one of the images of Anhui paint enterprises. It must be strictly controlled in production; it must strive for perfection in technology; it must be better in quality. President Lu also said:" thank the municipal leaders for their high attention, and also promised that Feijian will not only do a good job in paint, high-quality paint, but also do a good job in environmental protection paint!

"As the first decorator in China to advocate the concept of high-quality paint, he strictly controls the source of materials, focuses on every detail, carefully creates professional quality, and carefully makes environmental friendly paint and health paint. Decorators have passed the national high-tech enterprise certification with their strength. Relying on high quality and truly environmental friendly outstanding quality, they have become collaborative products of the zero carbon Pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo. Decorators' high-quality paint has also been rated as" Anhui market quality assured products "for many consecutive years." , successfully passed the ten ring certification and CCC certification, and won the first batch of designated brands of building materials in the countryside, and won countless honors. "

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