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Hefei memory: Hefei glass General Factory, which is always "one step ahead"

Hefei glass General Factory, located in the original Bengbu Road, was established in February 1957. In the subsequent enterprise development, Hefei glass general factory always took the lead: in 1962, it built a leading coal-fired tank furnace in our province, and in 1985, it was the first to implement various forms of economic contracting system in Hefei, which entered the management information age earlier among enterprises in the city, It is the first time for small and medium-sized enterprises in our city to carry out low-cost expansion

first, the pioneer of self-made reform

as we all know, glass products are indispensable supplies in our daily life. In order to facilitate the lives of the people and fill the gap in the glass industry in Hefei, Hefei Jingguang glass factory was built in February, 1957, at the beginning of the liberation, but it was manual operation, workshop production, and the kiln was also an intermittent crucible furnace. In the second year, the direct fired coal-fired pool furnace was changed, which reduced the labor intensity of some workers

in March, 1958, Hefei prepared to build Hefei Hongguang thermos bottle factory, which was later renamed Hefei thermal insulation equipment factory. In August 1960, Hefei Jingguang glass factory and Hefei thermal insulation equipment factory were merged into Hefei glass factory, with five workshops including thermos bottles, instruments, bottle making, quartz powder and molds. The plant site was at Bengbu road at that time

after the completion of Hefei glass factory, with the development of the times and the progress of technology, it has also created many good achievements: in 1962, Anhui province's leading double heat exchange coal-fired pool furnace was built, which increased the melting rate by 30%; In 1969, Anhui province's leading horseshoe shaped 24 square meter regenerative coal-fired pool furnace was built; In 1976, two bottle making workshops were added; In 1978, the chamber type annealing kiln was rebuilt into a more advanced chain type belt continuous annealing kiln, and won the title of "Daqing type enterprise"; In 1981, the energy structure transformation of replacing coal with oil was completed, which greatly improved the melting temperature and melting rate of the glass tank furnace

for Hefei glass factory, 1984 was a turning point. In this year, Hefei glass factory was transformed into Hefei glass General Factory, and began to implement various forms of economic contracting system, becoming one of the first enterprises to implement economic contracting system in Hefei

according to the archives, in order to develop and expand the industrial economy, Hefei has been trying to create a good external environment for enterprise reform since the mid-1980s. It has not only improved the pilot work of the factory director responsibility system, the joint-stock system and the asset management system, but also first separated the ownership and management rights of enterprises in some enterprises, including Hefei Hefei General glass factory, as well as the management mode, leadership system The reform in the form of distribution has made beneficial exploration, opened up new ideas to invigorate enterprises, and injected new vitality and vigor into the development of enterprises

sure enough, the effect of this incentive mechanism is "immediate". In 1985, the total output value and profit of Hefei General glass factory increased by 3.54 times and 1.93 times respectively compared with 1977; 40W fluorescent tubes developed and produced this year filled a gap in Anhui Province; In 1986, its special-shaped bottle won the title of high-quality product in Anhui Province. By the middle and late 1980s, Hefei General glass factory had many enterprises under its jurisdiction, such as Hongqi glass factory, Jingguang glass products factory, glassware factory and glass carton factory. Its main products included more than 50 varieties in three major categories: bottles, utensils and fluorescent tubes, of which ordinary bottles, glassware and nested natural scenery water appliances were high-quality products

second, strengthen the management of products at ease

by the 1990s, Hefei glass factory had developed into a provincial-level key enterprise with an annual output of 50000 tons of daily-use glass products. With the rapid development of enterprises, the traditional management mode and means can not adapt. So they entered the era of management informatization in the city's enterprises earlier

according to the memories of some old workers of Hefei General glass factory, by the middle and late 1990s, there were many practical problems in the daily work of the enterprise, such as the slow exchange of information within the enterprise; The procurement method, procurement time, procurement amount and where to purchase materials are cumbersome and complex, and the work efficiency of the enterprise can never be improved In view of these situations, at the beginning of the century, Hefei glass factory cooperated with Kingdee software company, the largest enterprise management solution provider in China at that time, to build a management information system for Hefei glass factory

the advantage of this enterprise management scheme is to network the relatively independent business, business information and financial information under the manual mode of the enterprise; Establish internal post office, electronic bulletin board, e-mail and other advanced management means; The implementation department conducts research on the relatively independent business and business information under the manual mode of the enterprise, so that the leadership can accurately and timely understand the operation of the enterprise's procurement, sales, inventory, production and other departments; Through the re integration of department functions, it can find various problems in operation in time

it should be said that the introduction of advanced enterprise management schemes has virtually improved the quality and quality of products of Hefei General glass factory. Around 2000, beer bottle explosions hurt people frequently in domestic newspapers. However, Hefei glass factory produces more than 20 million "B" bottles of beer a year, but none of nylon, as an engineering plastic, explodes and hurts people. This cannot but be said to be a miracle

the reason why Hefei General glass factory can produce such high-quality "B" bottle is precisely due to advanced technology and scientific management. The quality of "B" bottle is related to the safety of consumers. According to some old workers, most of them have adopted domestic advanced microcomputer control and electric control technology in production from batching, melting, forming to annealing, and some of them have also introduced foreign advanced technology. At the same time, the factory applies scientific management methods, strictly manages the factory, and decomposes the indicators into each process. Whoever works out the average ear peak height and the average ear Valley height sequence is responsible for any problem, with clear rewards and penalties. In the production process, in addition to strictly implementing the national standard of "B" bottle, the requirements for the pressure resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, stress and other quality indicators of "B" bottle are higher than the national standard, so as to ensure the production of high-quality "B" bottle, so as to eliminate the hidden danger of beer bottle explosion injury

in case of accidents, Hefei General glass factory also specially insured the "B" bottle produced. It was also the first time among glass manufacturers at that time to insure the bottle of "B6, the rise and fall of the spot market of iron and steel raw materials" on June 6. In case of injury caused by explosion of "B" bottle in the factory, the injured consumers can get corresponding compensation from the insurance company

III. comply with the development of market cooperation

as a major light industry province, Anhui, the brewing industry is one of the pillars, and many brands are well-known throughout the country. As a major producer of wine bottles, Hefei General glass factory has been committed to this development. The aroma of wine should also be packaged skillfully, especially in the 1980s and 1990s, the production investment of special-shaped wine bottles was increased, and the products of special-shaped wine bottles also obtained provincial-level excellence

we know that since the 1980s, people's aesthetic consciousness has been constantly sublimated. Special shaped wine bottles have sprung up and become the leader in the development of Chinese wine culture. For example, some smiling longevity bottles, Pisces bottles tied with ancient copper coins that are surplus every year, mandarin duck bottles inlaid with big red and happy words, smooth and shiny Tai Chi picture bottles It is magnificent and has different forms. In addition to viewing, this kind of special-shaped glass wine bottle packaging also gives "face" when giving gifts to relatives and friends. Therefore, the market demand for special-shaped glass wine bottles has been very strong. In order to provide more high-grade glass packaging products for the Baijiu industry in our province and provide more beautiful and elegant packaging for Baijiu competition, Hefei glass general factory also specially launched the 20000 ton rare earth imitation crystal glass project at that time

it is understood that this is the rare earth imitation crystal glass independently developed by the engineering and technical personnel of Hefei glass General Factory on the basis of consulting domestic and foreign materials and many investigations. Then, what are its characteristics compared with ordinary glass bottles? Originally, it uses rare earth raw materials as clarifying and decolorizing agents, and uses refined quartz sand to increase the refractive index and transparency of glass. No matter how long the products are placed, the color and luster of the products are still bright as before, crystal clear, similar to crystal. It can be said that the advent of this product is a change in the traditional formula of the glass industry. It is in line with the research topic of developing rare earth composite materials listed in the national high-tech products. Its successful application in the light industry has economic, social, environmental and other benefits. It will also play a positive role in driving the development of related industries

in addition to strengthening the development of products, Hefei General glass factory cooperated with XIAOZHANGZHUANG glass factory in Yingshang County, Fuyang as early as the beginning of the century. This is also the first low-cost expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city. According to Zhou Benshan, the then director of the factory, Hefei General glass factory leased XIAOZHANGZHUANG glass factory and was fully responsible for its production, supply, marketing, people, finance and materials, paying a certain fee to the factory every month. Why do you do this? The relevant leaders of Hefei glass General Factory pointed out the market demand for cooperation with XIAOZHANGZHUANG: the main user of Hefei glass General Factory is the distillery. The distillery proposed to need some medium and low-grade packaging bottles to meet the needs of rural areas, and the products of XIAOZHANGZHUANG glass factory just filled this gap

the cross regional cooperation and development of Hefei General glass factory can really be said to be a "quick step"

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