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Japan has developed high-precision instantaneous resin variety identification for waste household appliances

recently, Mitsubishi Electric and Shimadzu Manufacturing Institute jointly developed the "high-precision component identification technology for recycled resin", which can instantly identify the variety of recycled resin with more than 99% accuracy in the recycling process of waste household appliances

this technology identifies the type of resin by irradiating the resin fragments on the transport board with medium infrared light with a wavelength longer than the near-infrared light, and then analyzing its reflected light. The identification equipment developed this time adopts an optical system light rod guidance that is not easily affected by the shape of debris. It introduces foreign advanced technology precision light rod guidance, which can ensure the accurate film bonding between the moving mold and the fixed mold, avoid the damage caused by the collision of the concave convex mold, and can identify the reflected light with high sensitivity. In addition, it also develops an algorithm to detect the reflected light in the same debris many times in one second and comprehensively identify the resin variety according to its data, The recognition accuracy is improved

Mitsubishi Electric is committed to recycling and reusing resources from waste household appliances. In addition to recycling iron, copper, aluminum and single component resins, it has also developed a technology for separating and recycling mixed resin fragments that are difficult to screen. The large-scale resin component separation and recycling plant of greencyclesystems, a subsidiary of the company, has been launched in 2012. Through the plant, Mitsubishi Electric promotes the recycling of the main resins used in household appliances such as polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

in the future, Mitsubishi Electric will use the technology developed this time to improve the purity inspection efficiency of the recovered resin and expand the amount of self recycling and reuse. The goal of Shimadzu Manufacturing Institute is to realize the commercialization of resin recycling devices such as household appliance recycling

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