Japan invents new technology of fish preservation

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Japan invented a new technology for fish preservation and preservation

Japanese researchers recently developed a new technology of feed salt method, which is used for the preservation of fresh fish and prolonging the storage time

according to the introduction of electromagnetic interference, this new technology of feed salt method is to choose oneortwo kinds of beet meal, potato paste, corn meal and wheat bran and mix them with salt at the mixing ratio of 60 ~ 20 ∶ 40 ~ 80. The mixture is dried and passed through 16 ~ 100 mesh sieve to obtain fine powder particles. The research and development work of fresh fish in terms of internal organs and scales removal, adding more than 15% of fresh-keeping materials after washing, molding process, etc., putting it in a covered container, placing it in a dark place, and storing it within the range of 15 ℃ at room temperature for 2 ~ 3 months, the freshness and taste of fresh fish remain unchanged. It has better physical and mechanical properties, heat resistance and electrical compatibility than polyphenylene oxide (PPO) resin. Freezing and salting can maintain the freshness and taste of fish

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