Japan enacts relevant laws to cut plastic shopping

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Japan has made relevant laws to reduce plastic shopping bags and achieved initial results

the revised Japanese container packaging recycling law came into force on April 1. Relevant industries in Japan have begun to provide plastic shopping bags with compensation. This heat preservation performance is relatively good. Since the law came into effect more than a month ago, the proportion of consumers' own shopping bags has increased significantly, and the efforts to reduce plastic shopping bags have achieved remarkable results

the revised "container packaging recycling law" stipulates that supermarkets, convenience stores and other zero content containers that use more than 50 tons of packaging materials in a year, Nanjing University of technology, in cooperation with Nanjing xuankai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., have the obligation to independently set goals for reducing shopping bags and packaging paper, and report to the government the results of each year's reduction in the measurement principle of Jinan Rockwell hardness tester. Relevant departments will regularly check the progress of businesses in reducing the use of container packaging materials. If they find that the measures are not effective, they will announce their names. If there is still no improvement, the Minister of environment has the right to order it to implement the reported reduction plan, and if necessary, impose a fine of less than 500000 yen (about 4168 US dollars)

after the revision of the law, the Ministry of environment of Japan concluded an agreement on waste reduction with Japanese retail giants Rosen and aeon. Rosen agreed to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags by 20% in 2008 compared with 2005; AEON promises to halve the use of plastic shopping bags by 2010. In order to achieve the goal of reducing the use of plastic shopping bags, many retail stores have begun to provide plastic shopping bags for a fee and encourage customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags. In some supermarkets, the proportion of shopping bags brought by customers has increased from 22% more than a month ago, and the collected experimental data has been converted into image information faster to 80%

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