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Japan has developed a new type of packing belt - "cargo lock"

Japan shore Industries Co., Ltd. and Sapporo Circulation System Co., Ltd. have developed a new type of packing belt - "cargo lock", which is anti cracking and recyclable (patent pending). At present, various forms of promotional activities are being actively and gradually carried out. Needless to say, the anti cracking function and the advantages of convenient loading and unloading of the cargo lock are the most important features of its high-efficiency recycling, and the use of winding film is avoided. In recent years, with the rapid development of cargo transportation, the use of wrapping film in traditional packaging methods is also increasing significantly, and the problem of its waste disposal is also highlighted. The new packaging belt solves the problem of 3D models with high intensity and precision that can be made through laser 3D printing technology. From the long-term perspective of environmental protection, recyclable will become the most basic packaging requirements. The cargo lock can not only be recycled, but also solve the cracking problem of the packaging belt. It has a good market prospect that the sample material can be divided into metal and non-metal

cargo lock, consisting of main packing belt, auxiliary packing belt, reinforcement and protection materials and metal buckle. In addition, a protective sleeve is added outside the metal packing buckle from the perspective of safety. The packing belt is made of PP material, which is not only light, but also durable and anti cracking; The protective material used to reinforce the four corners of pallet goods is a special board with three-layer structure with both softness and strength; The metal packing buckle is composed of a buckle and a D-shaped snap ring. Press the goods into a whole from four corners through long protective materials, and then use three horizontal and two vertical packing belts to cross fix the goods. This is more stable than traditional bundling packaging, and there is no need to wrap film on the outside of the overall packaging

using this kind of cargo lock can maximally prevent the occurrence of cracking accidents in the process of loading, unloading and transportation. In addition, it is easy to load and unload. There is no doubt that the cargo lock will greatly improve the efficiency of on-site operation. When using trucks for transportation, generally speaking, a certain amount of buffer materials need to be added to load goods. The main and auxiliary packing belts of cargo locks can be used to bind these buffer materials to save space and make efficient use of the cargo table. The cargo lock can be unloaded intact after use, and the buffer material can also be sorted and compressed by bundling, so as to achieve efficient recycling and reuse

the more the goods lock is recycled, the more benefits the supplier will get, and a lot of money can be saved from an economic point of view. When dealing with traditional waste packaging tapes and corresponding winding films, suppliers often need to do recycling work and need to be automatically calculated by the computer according to the experimental parameters and conditions set at the beginning of the experiment. They have to pay for processing, but if goods locks are used, the results will be very different for suppliers

the standard sample of cargo lock, including three main packing belts with a maximum length of 5.2 meters, four protective materials with a maximum length of 1 meter, plus eight auxiliary (longitudinal) packing belts, with a total price of 9000 yen. According to the customer's requirements and the actual size of the goods, you can also customize the corresponding size. The height of protective materials can be increased up to 1.8m. The length of the packing belt can be extended according to the height and weight of the goods. In addition, practical solutions are also prepared to prevent small commodities from falling off

the cargo lock has received high evaluation in terms of functionality, and has been tried out by many logistics enterprises immediately after its launch. As a subsidiary of Sapporo Beer Company, Sapporo circulation system, a cooperative development company, has purchased 3000 sets of this new type of packing belt, and personally experienced the good use effect of "cargo lock"

information source: China packaging daily

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