Japan develops new degradable fiber reinforced pla

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Japan has developed a new type of degradable fiber reinforced plastic

Professor Takeshi YangZheng of Chiba University of technology in Japan has made degradable fiber reinforced plastic by using sisal leaves instead of glass fibers. This new type of plastic has great strength and can be used to make parts of household appliances, automobiles and other products

according to Japanese media reports, sisal, also known as Agave, is native to Mexico. Its leaves have soft fiber and water resistance. Change the working principle of the sisal leaf crushing and change the experimental machine. There is a fundamentally fixed chuck on the body of the experimental machine, which is mixed with degradable plastic polyester resin to form fiber-reinforced plastic. General fiber reinforced plastics are composite materials composed of glass fiber, carbon fiber and synthetic resin. It is difficult to recycle and reuse, which will cause environmental pollution

according to experts, the degradable fiber reinforced plastic made of sisal leaves has the advantages of high strength, low cost, no pollution and easy molding. It is a fast prepreg. (gratifying)

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