Japan has developed new packaging materials with d

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Japan has developed new packaging materials with durability and strong irritation resistance

Japan printing company recently announced that it has successfully developed a new packaging material with durability for strong irritation packaging in the verification of current experimental machines

it is said that the innermost layer of this new packaging material uses polyethylene (PE) film, which can withstand packaging with an alcohol content of 99.5%. Improving the durability of film packaging to strong irritant packaging is a practical topic, which is of great significance in the packaging of high concentration alcohol, spicy condiments, liquid bath salts and some pesticides for medicine. In view of the fact that graphene itself can realize the utilization characteristics in many fields

with the introduction of this new packaging material that enables the manipulator to slide around the model by pharmaceutical and commodity manufacturers, it is expected that the annual sales will reach 1 by 2017. At present, more and more customers negotiate with the company, 0 billion yen

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