Tianjin electric power company increases investmen

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Tianjin electric power company has increased investment in power construction. "Ten items of electricity" helps improve the business environment

"ten items of electricity" measures aim to improve the service quality of enterprises' power operation, which often encounter the phenomenon of good and bad operation of instruments, such as connecting and using electricity, so that enterprises can feel the speed and temperature of electricity

1. "One certificate" for electricity business. Enterprises and residents only need to provide business licenses or identity documents to apply for electricity; Connect with the approval system of government departments to share information such as enterprise project approval and planning, so as to avoid users submitting materials repeatedly, and truly "save time, worry and effort"

2. To "run the electricity business at one time", just close the oil return valve. Implement "7" × 24 "and" make an appointment to come to the door "services, drive the business hall to the customers, and achieve" if the customers don't run, I'll run ". During the year, 16 simple business customers did not need to run, and 5 complex business customers "ran at most once"

3. "Two reductions" in electricity costs. Carry out market-oriented electricity transactions for enterprise customers, and reduce customers' electricity costs by 350million yuan throughout the year; Provide energy-saving schemes and suggestions on power consumption optimization to reduce enterprise energy consumption. Create a "lowest cost" demonstration for enterprises to settle down and escort the city's investment promotion

4. The power connection efficiency is "greatly accelerated". Increase investment in power construction. The investment in the 13th five year plan is 49.5 billion yuan, and the investment in 2018 is 6.57 billion yuan, so that "where the enterprise is built, where the electricity is received in advance", the efficiency of power connection is increased by 20%, and the time of power connection is the shortest among the four municipalities directly under the central government

5. Electricity related information "4. Build a national aviation material production base and open the national military civilian integration innovation demonstration zone". Open the charging standard, open the handling process, open the construction standard, open the power connection time limit, and all information is "full and transparent", and actively accept customer supervision

6. "One key" implementation of electricity service. Through the "Internet +" application, we can obtain all the information about power purchase, repair application, bills, etc., and can handle it without leaving home, changing "mass errands" into "data travel"

7. Beijing Tianjin Hebei service "no difference". Take the lead in organizing power enterprises in Beijing and Hebei to jointly issue regional power business standards, construction standards and service standards, so as to realize the "joint operation in different places and systems" of businesses in the three places, and contribute to the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

8. "Clean" energy supply. Provide a variety of comprehensive energy use solutions to help enterprises "choose and optimize" comprehensive energy use; We have opened a fast track, signed a long-term cooperation contract to ensure 100% of clean power generation projects, and assisted the construction of green cities in our city with green energy

9. Green travel "barrier free". From 2018 to 2020, another billion yuan will be invested to build a charging network with a service radius of 0.9 kilometers in the built-up areas of the central urban area, the four districts around the city and the Binhai New Area, so as to ensure the worry free travel of electric vehicles

10. Be a good "power adviser" of enterprises. Carry out regular visits to entrepreneurs, equip entrepreneurs with exclusive customer managers, implement "one-to-one" services, and create a "green channel" for real-time communication between entrepreneurs and power

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