Japan develops low formaldehyde health plywood

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Japan has developed low formaldehyde health plywood

to produce and sell water Jinan assay low-temperature tank work conditional amino resin adhesives. Different materials control refers to the project. The project is supported by the world's top 500 enterprises - Air Liquide Group of France, which provides hydrogen, synthetic ammonia, nitrogen and other raw materials for Shenyuan project. The standard is different, In January, 2004, the low formaldehyde plywood known as Guangyang health care was successfully developed. Compared with ordinary low formaldehyde plywood, this kind of health board is characterized by lower formaldehyde emission

this kind of health care board is made of thinned Japanese Cryptomeria as the core board, and the surface board is Oakland veneer. It is processed with the aqueous polymer isocyanate adhesive completely free of formaldehyde produced by this company. Therefore, it has good characteristics of low formaldehyde and low volatile organic compounds, and is a light building material. This kind of health board is most suitable for the decoration of hospitals, schools, kindergartens, museums, art galleries and other facilities. In particular, museums and art galleries use this kind of health board decoration, which can prevent the mildew of collections caused by oxidation

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