Japan has successfully developed reusable steriliz

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Japan has successfully developed reusable sterilized food packaging bags

Japanese scientists have recently developed a kind of food packaging bag that can absorb water and sterilize a general metal material. The elongation after fracture is based on the national standard marking distance. In order to extend the shelf life of perishable foods such as cheese and sausage. Japanese experts added dehydrated Acidifiers, a variety of mineral salts and enzymes to the polymer of packaging materials. The inner surface of the packaging bag rich in these substances can absorb excess water and kill bacteria, so as to improve the internal environment of the packaging bag. The enzymes in the additives can regulate the smell of food and create a living space for the nutrients in food. Japanese experts use multiple freezing and thawing techniques to solve the problem that additives in packaging materials do not pollute food. In order to make the new packaging bag can be used repeatedly, Japanese experts add pepsin to the packaging materials. In the process of making cheese, cheese raw materials need to be wrapped in packaging bags and treated by specific processes. A packaging bag made of this material can be used repeatedly for 9 times in a specific process depending on the speed and explosive force of the aircraft, so as to reduce the consumption of packaging bags and reduce production costs

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