Japan has developed a new type of porous TiO2 with

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Japan has developed a new type of porous TiO2 with strong light transmittance

evir, a servo valve after no cleaning in Japan, has recently developed a new type of porous TiO2 jointly with Shinshu University research group. This product has excellent light transmittance and can prevent the agglomeration of powder TiO2. The koji face irradiation test block has a good application prospect in sunscreen and foundation make-up cosmetics

noevir researchers said that in the past, surface treatment or adding dispersants were often used to improve the dispersion of finished products to prevent their condensation, but the effect was not ideal. This time, they turned their target to the lanthanum route to prevent the destruction of holes that are easy to appear in the fusion process. After the synthesis of lanthanum oxide and TiO2 complex, remove Lanthanum with acid to obtain porous TiO2. At the same time, by changing the amount of lanthanum and water, the type of crystal and the ratio of pore size to surface area can be controlled, so as to obtain different optical properties and photocatalytic effects

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