Japan launched a new solar cell waste gas treatmen

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Japan launched a new type of solar cell, which requires a strict linear relationship between stress and strain. Exhaust gas treatment device

Ebara Manufacturing Institute in Japan began to sell a new type of exhaust gas treatment device that can meet the high flow gas demand of solar cell manufacturing processes. The device can harmless the toxic gases discharged from thin-film solar cell units and semiconductor manufacturing processes. The company has prepared three models named G6, g6-pv and g6-e according to their applications. The three models are composite treatment units with combustion unit and water washing dust collection unit

g6 type is an exhaust gas treatment device that supports large flow and targets the gases used in thin-film solar cell units, liquid crystal panel units and various devices in semiconductor manufacturing processes. The maximum allowable inflow of gas per minute is 1200 liters, which is about three times larger than the average 350 liters per minute of previous products. Thus, the number of waste gas treatment devices required can be reduced, so as to turn off the controller and computer and reduce the equipment cost

g6-pv type cleaning gas (nitrogen trifluoride, NF3) widely used in the device for processing the manufacturing process of thin-film solar cell units can process nitrogen trifluoride contained in up to 150 liters of exhaust gas per minute on average. G6-e type is applicable to the treatment of waste gas containing hydrogen and chlorine produced by semiconductor manufacturing process. A maximum of 400 litres of gas per minute is allowed

the company expanded its product lineup by adding three new models to the waste gas treatment device to meet the needs of more customers. Due to the increasing attention of renewable energy, the demand of solar cell market is further expanded, and the exhaust gas treatment devices used in manufacturing processes are expected to grow. Ebara will sell the new treatment unit by promoting its features that can reduce environmental load and improve production efficiency. 147.1

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