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Waterproof engineering is a very important part of home decoration. Like other concealed works, it is easy to be ignored by the owner during decoration. Generally, the floors of toilets, bathrooms and kitchens in buildings are made with waterproof layers, which are easy to be damaged when redecorating the floor. If it is not repaired in time, leakage will occur in the future, affecting the neighborhood. Therefore, pay attention to protect the waterproof layer during decoration. If it is accidentally damaged, it should be repaired in time to avoid leaving hidden dangers

there are mainly two kinds of waterproof materials for decoration on the market: one is modified asphalt waterproof coating plus glass fiber cloth, which can improve strength and flexibility. Using this kind of coating, the waterproof engineering is more complex, but the price is not high, about 100 yuan per square meter; The other is polyurethane waterproof coating, which is a high-grade waterproof coating with polymer coating at present. This kind of coating has good waterproof effect, but its price is high. The price per square meter is about 140 yuan

in waterproof construction:

Step 1: the base course should be treated first. Remove the original decorative materials, and clean up the floating soil and cement. The surface is required to be flat and dry

step 2: lay waterproof paint. Brush a layer of modified asphalt on the base course of waterproof treatment, pave a layer of glass fiber cloth, and then brush it again. Finally, brush a coat of paint on the second layer of glass fiber cloth, and the waterproof treatment is finished. The waterproof coating shall be painted evenly, and the glass fiber cloth and the waterproof layer shall be sealed tightly, without omission, bulging and falling off, otherwise the waterproof effect will be affected. If polyurethane is used as waterproof coating, it is generally unnecessary to add glass fiber cloth, as long as it is repeatedly brushed 2— Three times is enough. Because polyurethane coating itself can form an elastic protective film, which has certain tensile properties. In order to improve the waterproof effect, a layer of glass fiber cloth can be paved, but the cost will increase

it should be noted that when making the ground waterproof, the waterproof coating and glass fiber cloth should be painted to 20&mdash above the ground; At the 30cm wall, prevent leakage at the connection between the wall and the ground, so as to form a closed and firm overall waterproof layer. For the walls of shower rooms, soft light walls and indoor walls that are afraid of leakage, it is necessary to apply waterproof paint to the wall 1.8 meters or the whole wall to prevent wall leakage

step 3: do “ Water shielding test, “ Water shielding test is an important means to test the quality of indoor waterproofing. After the waterproof works are completed, seal the door and water outlet, fill the room with water to a certain liquid level, and if the liquid level does not drop significantly within 24 hours, it is qualified& ldquo; After the water shielding test is completed, a cement mortar protective layer shall be made on the waterproof coating layer, and attention shall be paid not to damage the prepared waterproof coating layer. After the cement mortar protective layer dries out, it can be paved with wall and floor tiles or sprayed with paint for normal decoration. (Shanghai Zifeng waterproof)





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