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Wallpapers can play a huge role in home decoration - every gold medal designer uses wallpapers as decorative materials in a large area of the room. The room that was already a little shabby or had no personality is "old and new" in a moment

the great role wallpaper can play in home decoration &mdash& mdash; Every gold medal designer uses wallpapers as decorative materials in a large area of the room, which is already a little shabby or has no personality, so in a moment “ The old look changes the new &rdquo

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I. brands should choose well-known products when buying Wallpapers

choosing Wallpapers depends on the brand first. The quality, supporting products and pre-sales and after-sales services of famous brand wallpapers are more guaranteed

at present, domestic Wallpapers dominate the domestic market. High end customers can choose imported wallpapers with better quality. These wallpapers have rich varieties, good quality and meticulous service

wallpapers are extremely rich in series. 53mm× According to the standard size of 10m, the lowest price is more than ten yuan per roll, and the highest is more than 1000 yuan per roll. Different customers can choose according to their needs, and the quality can be well guaranteed

special reminder: at present, there are some wallpapers in the market, which look like “ Very big &rdquo& ldquo; High visibility ”, In fact, it is only with the help of the names of other well-known building materials products “ Borrow a chicken to lay eggs ” OEM and OEM products

second, whether the color matching is harmonious is very important.

choosing to use wallpaper, whether the color matching is appropriate is very important

bright colors and bright colors can activate people's emotions, which are suitable for use in restaurants and living rooms. Cool colors and colors with low brightness can make people concentrate and stabilize their emotions, which is suitable for use in bedrooms and study rooms. Different colors give people different feelings. White or light colors will give people a bright and fresh feeling; Dark color will make people feel stable and dignified; Warm colors (red, orange, pink, etc.) are easy to associate with the sun and fire, and feel warm and unrestrained; Cool colors (blue, green, etc.) are similar to the colors of the sea, blue sky and forest, which will give people a sense of tranquility and ease

special reminder: the floor and furniture should be the same color as the wallpaper. If there are too many colors in a room, it will appear too messy

third, the pattern is based on personal preferences.

the long strip pattern wallpaper has the comprehensive characteristics of permanence, classicism, modernity and tradition, and is one of the most successful choices. This type of wallpaper can spread the color on the whole wall in the most effective way, and it is simple and elegant, which is easy to match with other patterns

there are many wallpaper with strip patterns, which have both length and width. You must choose the size and pattern suitable for your room. It is worth mentioning that the long pattern design can guide the line of sight upward, making people have an illusion of the height of the room, which is very suitable for rooms with low floors

bright and dazzling patterns and flowers are the most eye-catching. Some flowers have realistic patterns and strong colors, which make them feel ready to come out from a distance. This kind of wallpaper can reduce the sense of restraint in the room and is suitable for rooms with relatively ordinary patterns

regular small pattern wallpaper can provide a neither exaggerated nor too plain background for the room, and the furniture will fully reveal its characteristics in front of this background. If you buy wallpaper for the first time, this kind of wallpaper is the safest choice

because the products are derived from the style of European architecture, most imported wallpapers from Europe and the United States have luxurious and elegant characteristics, with exaggerated decorative effects and high prices. Wallpaper products from Japan and Southeast Asian countries may be closer to Chinese aesthetics in style and pattern, with bright and soft colors, simple and generous patterns, moderate prices and other characteristics

special reminder: wallpaper with broken flowers is popular in China. If this kind of wallpaper is matched with too trivial accessories, it will make the room look messy. Before purchasing, consider the overall coordination effect. For walls with scattered area and irregular shape, monochrome wallpaper can be selected. If you choose patterned wallpaper, the wallpaper pattern may not be best displayed because the wall surface is not coherent and centralized enough. The modeling wallpaper with bright lines, bold colors and abstract patterns is suitable for avant-garde consumers who like innovation and change. This wallpaper needs furniture with the same characteristics to match

IV. health pay attention to whether the supporting products are environmentally friendly

when choosing wallpaper, consumers should not only see whether it is beautiful, but also consider whether it is safe and environmentally friendly enough

the pollution of wallpaper mainly has two aspects:

first, the wallpaper itself may contain volatile organic compounds, such as toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, etc. In particular, PVC adhesive wallpaper may contain harmful substances such as lead, barium and vinyl chloride due to raw materials, process formulas and other reasons, posing a threat to human health

secondly, wallpaper adhesives may also cause pollution. At present, wallpaper adhesives in the market are mainly divided into organic solvent type and water-based type. In order to make adhesives have better permeability, manufacturers often use a large number of volatile organic solvents, which will inevitably release formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride and other substances during the curing period

special reminder: before choosing a wallpaper, you must see whether the brand strictly conforms to the standards such as the limit of harmful substances in wallpaper of interior decoration materials. It is best to choose natural fiber wallpaper or full paper wallpaper. The environmental performance of wallpaper adhesive is also very important, preferably water-based

if you are interested in construction and have time, diy

when buying wallpapers, businesses generally recommend workers. These workers' “ Type of work ” Relatively professional, the construction quality can also be better guaranteed. If there is a problem in the future, it is also convenient to communicate with businesses, which is worth choosing

if you have time and mood, it is also a good choice to paste wallpaper by yourself

the process of laying wallpaper is very simple. Shovel the wall flat, brush glue, and then brush glue on the back of the wallpaper and paste it. Home DIY is very popular in European and American countries. It is very common to change the wallpaper and adjust the atmosphere of the room during new years and festivals

special reminder: laying wallpaper is very fast. For skilled workers, laying tens of square meters of walls can be done in half an hour. Therefore, please try to come to the site during construction “ Supervisor ”, This can fully ensure the construction quality

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