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The calm and solemn arch shape and retro tone have been baptized by years, and the essence has been precipitated, and the classics have been handed down forever

the calm and solemn arch shape, retro color, through the baptism of years, the essence can be precipitated, and the classics will be handed down forever

the frame shape is calm and solemn, with sharp lines, and the arc lines above make the overall shape contain softness in squareness. Several upward process lines add dynamic feeling to the calm, and modern sense is integrated into the classicism. The exquisite carvings in the middle are full of the luxurious atmosphere of the classical court. After years of baptism, the essence can be precipitated, and the classics will spread forever. The antique No. 1 color of southwest birch is a classic retro tone. It is also a pleasure to brew a cup of tea and sing an ancient poem in imitation of the elegance of the ancients

k-719 classic

product features: Chinese style

product main colors: southwest birch antique No. 1

design patent, patent No.: zl201430365431.9

only love ancient, simple, elegant and temperament Chinese ancient charm, elegant as tender Jiangnan women, poetic and picturesque! I can't see the ancient meaning of Chang'an. I'm glad to enjoy the flowering period of Luoyang. Who in Suzhou calla lily, caught a glimpse of Jun Lan boat wading away

plain paper is like snow, ink is sweet, and poetic words are imbued with classical feelings. Long years, light tea fragrance, chic cups, full of elegance and youth. Flowers bloom and fall, clouds roll and clouds are comfortable, holding tea and tasting articles, and singing warm words. Spring flowers and Autumn Moon, the red fields, flying thoughts, diffuse over the four seasons like a song. The shadow of apricot flowers is thin, the flowers are dancing, the time of life is like a vegetable, and the leaves of tung trees are flying

Yunshui Zen heart blossoms like a dream, fleeting years open elegant flowers on the tree of time, and time leaves a deep mark in the heart of time. Shallow encounters are quietly collected. Only with a quiet mind can we find unexpected beauty

palindrome is a kind of pattern that is called "rich and noble without breaking their heads" by the Han people. It is a geometric pattern derived from the thunder pattern on ancient pottery and bronze. The biggest highlight of the k-751 is the square circular pattern composed of horizontal and vertical short lines, which is wrapped in a circle of tree shaped rings. Match it with Shabili No. 1 color close to the natural color of wood, elegant wood texture, gently touch the delicate wooden surface, as if you can hear the sound of life jointing. That is the power of growth. Every piece of wood has its memory. With the growth rings, the texture appears on the wood. Tree rings are the oldest fingers of trees holding time, outlining the past and the past, and recording the changes of years

k-751 annual rings

product features: Chinese style

product main color: sabili No. 1

design patent, patent No.: zl201530190883.2

the annual rings in my memory turn round and round, as if I were tireless, mixed with depression and sadness, telling the time in the light seam at that time

is it the wrinkles carved by years, or the record made by wind and thunder? Growth rings - so obviously reproduce the changes of time. Growth rings are not the original timing method. They are the melodies of growth and life, which are engraved in the heart and urge people to move forward. The growth ring is a narrow equidistant line, a runway for exploration, pursuit and impact. Whether to retreat or move forward will be strictly tested. The growth rings stretch outward in circles, increasing the circumference of each circle with hope and pursuit, recording the years of your growth. The growth rings, starting from 0 o'clock, are indomitable, and cover the picture with its sacred footprints. Each additional round is regarded as 0 o'clock. Behind every seemingly calm life, there is a process of struggling in impetuosity. That is a form of refraction of life, but also another invisible emotional drift. Under the baptism of moonlight, in every ray of sunshine in the morning, put away memories and start flying again and again possible or impossible

it's easy to go in the wind. The sky is thousands of miles long. The flowers bloom and fall with love. I wish everything and all the best

Ruyi's shape is made of moire and Ganoderma lucidum, and the head is tied with a long handle. The extended loop shaped pattern uses typical Chinese elements to create a strong oriental charm. Golden grapefruit, a rare wood from Myanmar, is selected with beautiful texture and lines, and its surface is as delicate and smooth as milk. The original golden grapefruit No. 1 color has a warm and textured vision, just like the shining jade Ruyi, which brings people good luck

k-752 Ruyi

product features: Chinese style

product main color: Jinsi grapefruit No. 1

design patent, patent No.: zl201530190884.7

the original "Ruyi" evolved from the ancient Wat and scratch stick. At that time, people used it to scratch the itch that their hands could not care about. It could be as human intended, so it was named "Ruyi". "Ruyi" is a relatively special product among jade carvings and is a traditional mascot in China. Although Ruyi has different purposes, the original Ruyi is undoubtedly imitating the shape of human hands. This creative idea can also be said to be the extension of human will. The evolution of Ruyi's hand shape into Ruyi's cirrus cloud shape, Ganoderma lucidum shape, heart shape and Tuan flower shape is a matter after the Tang Dynasty. It is made of gold and jade jewelry, which not only makes it a kind of art, but also adds a bit of fairy and peaceful charm. Since entering the modern era, the prospect of jade investment and collection is huge, and the sales of Myanmar jade is booming. In particular, the Ruyi shape of Myanmar jade is not only handed down from ancient times, but also accepted and loved by modern people. Become a treasure for both refined and popular tastes. Because Ruyi has a long history, which means auspicious and festive, and will never be forgotten by the times. Inspired by Ruyi, konson Keshang designed this Chinese style work "Ruyi", which is intended to inherit the profound national culture and bring good luck to everyone who loves life




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