Good impression of Wanshida wooden door series

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The traces of time fall on the trees and draw rings, which have natural color and simple beauty. The wooden door made of trees carries the blessing of nature, and its exquisite craftsmanship adds a magnificent stroke to the wooden door

Wanshida wooden doors are exquisite in craftsmanship, diverse in style and high in environmental protection. Install a beautiful and safe wooden door for the room to add more highlights to life

the door panel is pure white, pure white, without any impurities, and looks clean and comfortable. Although there is no decorative pattern, it does not appear monotonous. It is still so elegant and generous. Natural materials and smooth and soft lines bring a pure and fresh atmosphere and a quiet and elegant environment. Simplicity and elegance coexist

the wooden door frame has natural freshness and simplicity, the transparent door panel has modern simplicity and fashion, and the white lines on the door have exquisite and flexible patterns. Combined, the room becomes fashionable, elegant, clean, transparent and full of sentiment. A light door has an elegant temperament, which makes our life more wonderful

the simple design and the lattice drawn by several lines make the door plank change and jump, which is full of sense of hierarchy and space. Red is permeated with a hearty and enthusiastic atmosphere, adding a trace of excitement to the room. Excellent wood, good texture, fine and uniform structure, natural and environmental protection material. Smooth lines and simple shapes make life go at will

Wanshida wooden door has many product series. The happy series gives people a sweet impression, the sunshine series gives people a warm experience, and the simple series gives people a clean feeling. No matter which series, it has a unique beauty of wooden doors




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