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In recent years, the customized furniture market has become more and more popular with investors, especially the enterprises with the top ten brands of overall customized furniture have absorbed a lot of funds, and the channels have been sinking again and again. As an intended investor, if you want to enter the industry at this time, you have to understand where the strong vitality of the top ten brands of overall customized furniture is and why it is worth investing. Where is the strong vitality of the top ten brands of customized furniture in the whole house

the huge and stable terminal channel is a powerful growth engine for enterprises.

the major brands in the industry represented by Deville have accelerated the sinking of market channels in the third to fifth tier cities and stepped up the pace of seizing market share while making intensive layout in the first and second tier cities. It is in this way that hundreds of terminal stores have become the big growth engine of enterprises

only by sticking to their responsibilities while extending their business can they take root in the market.

many enterprises gradually forget their responsibilities in the process of expansion. Behind the rapid foam expansion, their ability to bear risks is becoming increasingly fragile, which is just confirmed by the LETV crisis. In recent years, the furniture industry has transitioned from finished products to customization, from customized single products to full house customization, and then to today's big home, and the pace of iteration has never stopped. As a frequent guest of the top ten brands of overall customized furniture, Deville keeps pace with the times and self innovation is essential. At the same time of business expansion, Deville has always adhered to the responsibility of customized wardrobe and kept improving. Its Champs Elysees series wardrobe, golden Earl series wardrobe and other products have obtained national design patents

officially, Deville is also widely favored by investors and consumers in the market

cross border and cross category business has become a powerful tool to improve market share

in the past two years, whole house customization and large home furnishings have become the development trend of the industry. With the accelerating trend of market rejuvenation, the market demand for one-stop home consumption services has also increased sharply. In this way, cross-border and cross category business has become a powerful tool for enterprises to improve market share. Take Deville as an example. Last year, after Deville officially completed the customization and upgrading of the whole house, it also continued to launch new series of customized furniture for the whole house, new kitchen cabinets, mattresses, pillows and other household products, and moved forward to the big home model step by step. Since then, consumers no longer have to run around to buy furniture, household goods and cabinets, and they can buy them in one stop at the dewell store! The products and services meet the market demand, and the single value has also been greatly improved. Of course, dealers are willing to cooperate

from the above three aspects, the enterprises that customize the top ten brands of furniture as a whole are strong for their own reasons. After understanding, investors should speed up the pace of entering the industry in order to earn the first pot of gold before the market is saturated

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