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On March 11, 2017, Yongji staircase flagship store was officially opened in Nanjing, and Nanjing staircase market will add another strong player

on March 11, 2017, Yongji stair flagship store was officially opened in Nanjing, and Nanjing stair market will add another strong player

it is understood that since its establishment in 2004, Yongji staircase has been focusing on the production and R & D of solid wood stairs after 14 years of development. At present, the company has a modern new factory covering an area of 26000 square meters, introduces global advanced technology, adopts French saser packaging, realizes personalized customization and standardized production, and is the first staircase enterprise in the industry to pass the ISO9001-2008 international quality system audit and certification, In 2015, it won four awards, including "top ten customized stair brands", "first choice brand for villas and Mansions", "first choice brand for hardbound projects" and "innovation contribution award", which are of great importance in the furniture industry. In 2016, it won the title of "top ten Chinese stair brands" for five consecutive years

on the opening day, Tang Xinhua, chairman of Yongji stairs, came to the scene to unveil the opening of Yongji stairs flagship store in Nanjing. Tang Xinhua said that the official establishment of Yongji stairs flagship store in Nanjing marked another progress in Yongji stairs' market journey and an important milestone in the development of Yongji stairs. As a megacity in the Yangtze River Delta and East China, the development of Yongji stairs in Nanjing has always been a top priority, On the one hand, it meets the needs of Nanjing consumers through regional expansion, on the other hand, it shows Nanjing consumers Yongji's excellent brand image, and develops and progresses together with its counterparts in Nanjing stairs. Ji shumeng, general manager of Yongji stairs Nanjing flagship store, is also the first Pathfinder to contact solid wood stairs in China, with rich experience in stair production, design and sales. He told reporters that the flagship store in Nanjing is 200 square meters, and its architectural style is solemn and generous. From the Roman manor to the goddess of liberty to the splendid East, the staircase style you desire can be seen blooming everywhere. This time, you choose to cooperate with Yongji, pour into the company's efforts, and create a brilliant pearl of the stairs industry in Nanjing, dedicated to Nanjing residents. With Yongji's vision, Nanjing flagship store will vividly demonstrate the company's product concept of "temperament, more quality", Interpret the brand image of Yongji stairs with the service spirit of "happiness Yongji, Ji Chuan Wanjia"

it is reported that in order to celebrate the official arrival of Yongji stairs in Nanjing, and thank the local government and customers for their welcome and support, the company has implemented three special concessions: first, double refund of the deposit: if you pay a deposit of 1000 yuan during the event, you will get a cash refund of 2000 yuan. Note: the order amount needs to be more than 20000 yuan; 2、 Half price snapping up: half price snapping up of all products during the event (except supporting products); 3、 Courtesy at the door: customers who enter the store on the day of opening can receive a beautiful gift. More discounts can be introduced by professionals at the store during the event. Time: March 11 to March 19, 2017, venue: No. A9, floor 5, Jiangdong store, Nanjing Jinsheng international home furnishing Co., Ltd




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