Why is the hottest ban so weak

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Why is prohibition so weak

from New Year's day this year, a "fresh food ban" should have been enforced. As early as may2004, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) and the National Standardization Commission jointly issued two mandatory national standards, namely, the general principles for the labelling of prepackaged food and the guidelines for the implementation of national standards for food labelling. The standard clearly points out that there is no "fresh" in any processed food. Therefore, the word "fresh" is prohibited on the label of all processed food to prevent enterprises from using the label for commercial speculation. This standard is called "fresh food ban" by the industry. Due to various reasons, the implementation of the "order on banning fresh ABS from being affected by water, inorganic salts, alkali alcohols, hydrocarbon solvents and a variety of acids" was postponed three times, from October 1, 2005 to June 1, 2006, then from June 1 to November 1, 2006, and finally to January 1, 2007

however, up to today, dairy products marked with "pure fresh milk" and "fresh milk" can still be seen everywhere in major supermarkets and convenience stores. According to the statistics of China Dairy Association, at present, one-third of dairy enterprises have changed the name on the packaging, and two-thirds of enterprises still keep the word "fresh" on the product packaging. The dairy industry associations of various provinces and cities and a number of industry experts have expressed their opposition to the "fresh food ban" and put forward strong objections. Some experts said bluntly that the "fresh food ban order" itself has no legal effect. The National Standardization Committee, which issued the "fresh food ban order", also believes that "this problem is hard to say". The "fresh food ban" was embarrassed

in fact, consumers don't care much about whether there is a word "fresh" on the goods. As long as they are within the shelf life, they can accept it. However, the seriousness of the problem is not in the packaging label itself, but why the "ban" is so "weak"

it is reasonable to say that since it is mandatory, if countries have requirements for standards, they must enforce them. If they violate the ban, they must be investigated. Otherwise, what is the seriousness and authority of the "order"? However, the fact is that the violator can't help but act, and the violator is plausible as if nothing had happened. What makes people wonder is that there is not only one "ban" that is similar to the "ban without stopping" and "weak". For example, the production date of liquid milk products should be marked as the filling date of the products. This is a regulation issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine to prevent "premature milk" from cheating consumers and eliminating potential safety hazards; In order to regulate the chaotic situation of the TV market, the Ministry of Information Industry issued six standards, stipulating that "Digital HD TV" should not be called at will; According to the regulations of the national copyright administration, Karaoke copyright royalties will be collected. The charging standard is based on the highest standard of 12 yuan per box per day, which will be appropriately reduced through consultation with karaoke operators. However, have these "prohibitions" been implemented? Is it "too weak"? As long as you go to the relevant places to have a look, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion. If we go further, there will be many similar situations. Have "prohibitions" such as "no smoking", "no setting off firecrackers" and "no minors" ever been strictly enforced

what's wrong? Is the legal consciousness of Chinese people weak? Is the propaganda so weak that the "ban" is little known? Is it the lack of supervision and law enforcement? Is the "issuing" organization not qualified and authoritative enough? Is the "ban" itself unscientific, unreasonable and not in line with national conditions No matter what the crux is, it is always abnormal! In a country that is moving towards a modern and sound legal society, if the people are so often embarrassed by the fact that they are also very concerned about the "ban", and often regard the laws and regulations as a joke, making the "ban" weak, is it not still the concept of "lawlessness" and the state of "not abiding by the law"

it seems that it is urgent for all parties to face up to this reality, reflect, explore and take action to make the "fragile" laws, regulations, standards and instructions stronger, with sufficient authority and strength. When it is truly forbidden, the country will not be far from being strong and prosperous

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