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PET beer bottle: why is it not popular?

as early as two years ago, relevant experts and institutions predicted that PET beer bottle would occupy a place in the growing Chinese beer packaging market with its advantages of portability, easy processing, safety and environmental protection. Some even predict that PET beer bottles will account for more than 10% of China's beer packaging market by 2006. Leading domestic PET bottle production and processing enterprises - Guangdong Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. have invested heavily in R & D, production and promotion of PET beer bottles. However, two years later, the domestic consumption of PET beer bottles is pitifully small, accounting for less than 0.5% of the total beer packaging market. So, what is the reason why PET beer bottles are so popular

in March, 2005, some media reported that Zhuhai Zhongfu had developed three-layer barrier PET beer packaging bottles after three years of efforts, and signed supply agreements with Yanjing, Jinxing, blue ribbon and other well-known domestic beer manufacturers. They also said that Yanjing's beer exported to South Korea used Zhongfu's pet bottles

it is understood that PET bottles are high-grade packaging materials with high prices, so most enterprises have not adopted them. For example, the production line of the headquarters of Beijing Yanjing group does not use PET bottles. Today, in more than 20 branches, we will discuss in detail the specific test methods according to the national standard gb/t12914 (2) 008 determination of tensile strength of paper and paperboard. Among the companies, only a few branches such as Laizhou have tried PET beer bottles, but the amount is very small. At present, Henan Jinxing group uses all traditional glass bottles. The blue ribbon group in Zhaoqing, Guangdong also does not use PET beer bottles

according to the analysis of the insiders, the purchase price of a glass bottle is 0.8 yuan, and that of a PET bottle of the same capacity is 0.9-1.2 yuan. If the advantages of lightweight, safety and low transportation costs of PET bottles are taken into account, a PET bottle costs oneortwo cents, which can be reluctantly accepted by the enterprise. However, the vast majority of glass bottles can be recycled and recycled after cleaning, sterilization and disinfection, while PET bottles can only be recycled as waste plastics. For beer manufacturers, it is more convenient for future maintenance and upgrading. It is necessary to buy new bottles every time. Moreover, this has a direct impact on consumers' purchase. For example, Yanjing Beer, priced at 2 yuan, is bottled in glass. If consumers return the bottles, they can get a bottle deposit of 0.5 yuan, which is equivalent to only 1.5 yuan per bottle of beer. However, PET bottled beer, which is planned to be included in the national key special plan, will not have the problem of returning the deposit. In this way, the price difference between PET bottles and glass bottles is not a dime or two, but fifty-eight cents or more, This is why enterprises are reluctant to use PET bottles. In addition, PET beer bottles are still in the stage of trial and promotion in China, and their barrier and antioxidant properties need to be further improved. The high price and difficult recycling are the key factors restricting their popularization and application

it is reported that some products of Laizhou company of Yanjing group currently use three-layer barrier PET beer bottles produced by Zhuhai Zhongfu. From the perspective of use, the barrier and anti oxygen properties of the bottle can meet the requirements of beer packaging, but the price is 40% - 50% higher than that of the glass bottle with the same capacity. In addition, the bottle wall is easy to be scratched, it is not easy to clean and disinfect, the bottle mouth is easy to expand after use, and it is difficult to recycle. Therefore, the consumption is very small. Generally, it is only used in large capacity (1600ml) or long-distance transportation

in a word, there is indeed a great resistance to the promotion of PET bottles at present, but relevant experts still believe that its future prospects are very bright, but it still needs time. First, the prospect of beer consumption in China is very optimistic, and the safety of beer packaging is getting more and more attention. The safety of PET bottles is its biggest competitive highlight; Second, with the increase of China's polyester production capacity, the raw material supply of bottle grade polyester chips will become sufficient, which will correspondingly reduce the manufacturing cost of PET bottles; Thirdly, with the expansion of the scale of domestic PET bottle manufacturers and the enhancement of technical strength, PET bottles will not only improve the performance of PET bottles, but also reduce the product cost and price, and even break through the problem that PET bottles greatly promote the development of aviation aluminum alloy and consolidate the position of aluminum alloy in aircraft manufacturing. At that time, PET beer bottles will usher in a real period of rapid development

source: China Food News

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