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How to solve the problem? Ds: only in the electrified era of "war" author yipinjun in human marriage, we often hear the saying of "seven-year itch", which probably means that people will face a test of crisis from the seventh year after marriage, and then there may be two results - getting better and better or going their separate ways

for brands that have been "married" to the Chinese market for seven years, they are also facing a very embarrassing situation: on the one hand, the sales of products that are difficult to break through, on the other hand, the lack of main models. Faced with this situation, many people in the industry are worried about it, and some even think that it may have reached the edge of delisting

how to go in the future? Should we "walk away quietly" or "stay bravely"? Obviously, we firmly chose the latter, and also opened a new era of e-tense power with a super new energy vehicle matrix

ds enters the "new power era"

what will it look like in 2035? In this year's, we gave our answer with a blue car paint and a very bold and forward-looking x e-tense pure electric

its appearance is undoubtedly amazing. This astonishment is not only due to its asymmetric design: one side is the cockpit, and the other side is the passenger compartment; Also lies in its exquisite and artistic quality; More importantly, the technological precipitation in the electrification era embodied in it seems to tell people that it is a luxurious vision for the industry in 2035

of course, we also know that it is important to focus on the future, but we cannot ignore the importance of basing ourselves on the present

therefore, in addition to the forward-looking product design, a large part of the focus is on laying the foundation of technology

in this respect, we have enough confidence to convince people. After all, it is the only French brand that has become the official manufacturer of FIA's new generation formula e pure electric racing car. With its strength, the team has won six victories on four continents in less than three years, and won the podium 15 times

on this year's booth, e-tense Fe 19 pure electric single seat racing car also stood in front of people with a confident and high spirited attitude, which was very similar to the self-confidence of team drivers when they stood on the champion podium in the FIA electric formula (FE) Sanya race at the end of March this year

at that time, Jean Eric Werner of Ti Qi team successfully won the championship trophy in the e-tense Fe 19 pure electric single seat racing car. At the same time, it also made the e-tense Fe 19 pure electric racing car printed. Many of these small enterprises did very well and were labeled as "the fastest in China". After that, in the Fe Rome and Paris races, the team lived up to the expectations of the public and successfully won the runner up of the race. In the recently concluded Monaco race, the Ti Qi team won the double crown again with great momentum

there is no doubt that the car has such strength! It integrates a large number of the latest technologies of the performance department. It is equipped with a 250 kW motor, 338 horses, a maximum speed of 230 km/h, and a 100 km acceleration of only 2.8 seconds

fe has laid the foundation for "technical residence"

and these glorious competition experiences have been unreservedly applied to its electrification strategy. The most direct embodiment is the launch of the brand e-tense series models

for example, the Crossback e-tense plug-in 4WD version launched this year, and the high-end pure electric Crossback e-tense

among them, the Crossback e-tense 4WD plug-in model relies on the powerful plug-in hybrid system and its power pack output is as high as 300, which can reach 450 n · M

in addition, the Crossback e-tense 4WD version also achieves a perfect balance in the art of control and space balance. This consideration not only represents sincerity, but also redefines a pure attribute boundary

on the other hand, the Crossback e-tense, with its powerful battery power performance, the product power of both comfort and personality, and its inborn high-end temperament, has added a new color to the road of electrification

in the future, it will continue its own pace of electrification. Just as Herbert, vice president of global marketing, said, "2019 is a year to accelerate the implementation of electrification strategy, and it is also a year for e-tense. From 2019, every model of will be equipped with pure electric version or plug-in hybrid version. In the future, it will become the first manufacturer to fully provide pure electric and."

herb's simple and direct words connect the interlingual language, revealing his determination to enter electrification and his new exploration of "staying bravely"

the "trust plan" regains users' trust

sufficient hard core technology reserves may help better start the electrification process, but it may take more effort to regain consumers' trust

therefore, our thinking is to comprehensively improve the brand competitiveness in terms of brand, product, marketing and users, so as to win the trust and support of more users. Therefore, at the end of March this year, it released the "trust plan" to the market and consumers

this plan is composed of three core parts: "brand and product enhancement", "marketing plan" and "customer satisfaction". It represents the intention to improve brand competitiveness and stand firm in the fierce competition in the luxury car market. From the perspective of users, this is more like a new practice in experiential services

at this year's conference, Mennonite revealed that the "trust plan" is progressing smoothly and developing in a good direction. It has officially entered the "national six mode", and the whole series of products have been upgraded to a new generation of national six. This means that both technology and services are committed to "solving problems" for consumers

whether announcing the opening of the e-tense era or continuing to promote the "trust plan", it has always proved to everyone that even in the "seven-year itch" 1, it is confident to go further in China. In the eyes of others, my confidence is more like a kind of "self comfort", but who can guarantee that today, with the rapid development of the electrification era, the fastest running in the Fe arena will not further brush the running speed of wsw-c300 microcomputer controlled relaxation experimental machine in the Chinese market in the design process

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