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Palm sized sensors sell for 100000 yuan. Why

give a pressure and an electrical signal. A simple transformation of the tactile sensor allows the real world to be transmitted to the robot in a lighter and thinner binary form

a little pressure can produce a matching current. After adding adjectives, the transformation becomes more difficult. Yangpengfei, an associate professor at Northwestern Polytechnic University, explained that it is necessary to sensitively capture a little bit of input and give strictly matched output

stable and accurate output is required, and coupling interference between different dimensions is eliminated. The further explanation of songaiguo, a professor of Southeast University, means that this transformation is even more difficult

the stable realization of this signal transformation enables palm sized Japanese array products to take the lead in the scientific research and industrial market even if they sell for 100000 yuan. Relying on import is a fact that science and technology has recently investigated this product in many ways. This article mainly teaches the experimental principle and characteristics of cupping experimental machine, and the consistent answer of consumers

in the industry, the strict requirements for accuracy and stability of the process fail to pass the standard

have stopped most Chinese enterprises from moving towards tactile sensors. At present, most domestic sensor enterprises are engaged in the production of gas, temperature and other types of sensors. In an industry with more than 100 enterprises, few sensor manufacturers produce tactile sensors

we once entrusted an enterprise in Shenzhen to manufacture array tactile sensors. However, due to poor technology and poor product consistency, the performance of point and point of the sensor array cannot be the same. Songaiguo's experience may not be unique

most of our key parts are imported from abroad. The person in charge of a well-known robot manufacturing enterprise in China said that domestic products, including tactile sensors and reducers, are not very good in terms of stability and consistency

sensors are imported from abroad. Yangpengfei's Academy of life sciences produces bionic machines for aerospace or industrial auxiliary purposes through research on bones. These bionic machines will work in a very harsh environment and have high requirements for parts

it can be seen that the process threshold is too high for the seller; For the buyer, there is no guarantee for domestic goods. The situation of "one to the left and one to the right" has formed a vicious circle of relying on imports and endogenous weakness

outside the industry, the materials are not pure enough

in addition to the production process, the purity of materials is also a choke point from laboratory to industrial production

conductive rubber, conductive plastic, carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc. are all materials that can be used as tactile sensors. Songaiguo said that the domestic material quality and production level are not stable, and the production of graphene should be OK, but the technology of making sensors with graphene is not mature

in order to obtain high-quality materials, song Aiguo laboratory will make its own conductive rubber with conductive paste. Conductive rubber is made by evenly distributing many conductive particles such as glass silver plating, aluminum silver plating and silver in silicone rubber. Extrusion can connect conductive particles to each other, thus generating an electric current. The more uniform the distribution, the more regular the relationship between current generation and pressure

complex technology, another hurdle

increasingly complex technology also makes domestic products farther and farther away

a palm sized Japanese array sensor costs 100000 yuan and can maintain strict uniformity and stability. Domestic products are mostly one-point products, generally 100 yuan each

song Aiguo introduced that the Japanese array sensor can distribute 100 sensing elements in a matrix of 10cm and 10cm. Because the substrate is soft, the calculation of forces in different directions and the elimination of coupling interference between forces make it more sensitive elements and the shorter the distance between them, the more difficult it is to achieve accurate output. Japan is a leader in industrialization, and most other countries are in the laboratory stage

in addition, the stress dimension of each sensitive element also increases the complexity of the technology. There are six dimensions of force application (three directions of X, y and Z axes, and the corresponding torque direction). How to eliminate the coupling interference between dimensions is also a link that needs to be based on basic research. The famous Boston powered somersault robot uses only three-dimensional tactile sensors. Song Aiguo said

there is a layout, but it is difficult to promote the transformation.

China has made a layout for a long time in the research of a multi-dimensional force sensor of tactile sensors. Songaiguo introduced that in 1987, Southeast University and Hefei Institute of mechanical intelligence, Chinese Academy of Sciences obtained the support of 863 key projects to develop six dimensional force sensors. The static accuracy has reached the error level. In particular, the adjustment rate of China's economic structure is only 1%2%, which is similar to the world's advanced level. Songaiguo frankly said that, however, the dynamic accuracy still needs further research. The dynamic coupling error is about 5%10%. For example, it has not yet met the requirements of industrial robots with high-speed grinding tasks

however, in terms of cost, the current average cost of industrial robots is about 120000 yuan, and the cost of a six-dimensional force sensor is more than 30000 yuan. At present, the domestic industrial robot market does not have the conditions for large-scale production of this product. Song Aiguo said. In comparison, the cost of ATI industrial automation's related products has dropped to 23000 yuan each

it is undeniable that in catching up with the original technology, the latecomers must bypass the relevant patent protection of the forerunners. Unless a significantly better solution is found, it is likely to raise the threshold for technology achievement by bypassing the patent in terms of cost performance. Most of the time, the legendary lane change and overtaking depend on luck

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