Why is the hottest exhibition so hot

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Why is the exhibition so hot

the exhibition industry has a strong industrial driving effect, which can not only bring direct income to the city, such as site rent, construction fee, advertising fee, transportation fee, but also create related income, such as accommodation, catering, communication, tourism, shopping, trade, etc. More importantly, exhibitions can bring together huge information flow, technology flow, commodity flow and talent flow, which will have an inestimable impact and catalytic effect on the national economy and social progress of a city or region

the end of the measurement of statistical power shows that last year, the direct revenue of Shanghai Convention and exhibition industry was about 1.8 billion yuan, the transaction volume reached 55billion yuan, and the total number of visitors exceeded 4.8 million, including more than 400000 foreign visitors. According to the prediction of the Shanghai tax department, in 2002, among the service industries related to the "exhibition economy" in Shanghai, the revenue of venue rental, freight, advertising and other industries alone reached 150million yuan, and the tax revenue generated will be about 8million yuan. Nanjing, which is also located in the Yangtze River Delta, held 60 exhibitions and 90 meetings in the first half of this year, with 1.5 million visitors and 230000 participants, with a total income of 2.2 billion yuan. Among them, the German standard din53436 was the most frequently used for laboratory testing in this regard, and the initial economic benefits of the exhibition were achieved

Dr. wanglingyi from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences said that the development of exhibition economy will benefit from the following:

obtaining high-quality resources

developing exhibition industry means that various industries can obtain comparative advantages in products, technology, production, marketing and other aspects in the open tide of

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expansion, thus greatly reducing the opportunity cost of domestic resources and helping to enhance comprehensive competitiveness. The most essential significance of exhibitions for the local economy lies in greater openness, more practical comparison, more accurate selection and more effective allocation, so as to achieve more quality growth and enhance the economic safety factor

strengthen service functions

exhibition economy helps central cities enhance their radiation and influence towards surrounding areas and enhance their service functions to surrounding areas. The whole East China will benefit from the development of exhibition economy in Shanghai. At present, the total import and export volume of Shanghai Port accounts for more than a quarter of the total foreign trade volume of the country, more than half of which comes from surrounding areas

enhance support

the development of primary and tertiary industries in various regions needs the support of relevant service industries. Besides finance, insurance and transportation, exhibition is an extremely important service. In order to survive and enhance the international competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, it has been a common idea in western countries to give priority to exhibition. Because large and professional exhibitions are often barometers of market share and profit prospects of products or technologies, financial cooperation institutions often determine the relevant financing strength according to the accurate response of the first line of exhibitions

increase employment opportunities

the development of exhibition economy will directly stimulate foreign trade, tourism, hotels, transportation, transportation, insurance, finance, real estate, retail, etc. perhaps such a situation can reflect on the market prosperity of the industry, so as to effectively promote the development of the local tertiary industry. According to experts' estimates, the industry driving coefficient of the exhibition industry is 1:9, that is, the income of exhibition venues is 1 yuan, and the related income is 9 yuan. We are very pleased that the service industry, tourism, advertising, catering, communication and other industries that provide services for the exhibition industry will benefit from this. According to the introduction, every 1000 square meters of exhibition area will create nearly 100 jobs, and the 1996 Hannover WorldExpo will create 100000 jobs

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