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Another big prize has been won back! Why does the people's "Haifan Award" frequently favor XCMG

another grand prize has been won back! Why does the people's "Haifan Award" frequently favor XCMG

China Construction Machinery Information

recently, the selection results of the second overseas communication outstanding cases of Chinese institutions (Haifan Award) with the theme of "attracting the world to listen to your wonderful" were announced. XCMG successfully won the best integrated marketing case with the annual global brand communication activity "XCMG intern"

after the overseas social media integrated marketing project won the first "Haifan Award" and "ten outstanding cases of overseas communication of Chinese brands" in 2018, XCMG once again stood out and became a model for the international promotion of Chinese brands

XCMG has carried out systematic global social media marketing layout since 2015. So far, it has established a complete global social media communication system with Facebook as the main body, covering twitter, LinkedIn, instagram and Youtube. The number of platform fans has increased from only 2000 to breaking the million mark. It is not only far ahead of Chinese construction machinery enterprises, but also among the best in the global construction machinery industry

the "XCMG interns" who won the "Haifan rising with the aging temperature" award are large-scale annual creative experience activities carefully planned and organized by XCMG. By inviting global fans to visit XCMG, they can feel and understand XCMG at a close distance, and fully perceive the quality, innovation, value and of XCMG, so as to make them fall in love with China's high-end technology, advanced products and cultural connotation

since 2016, the "XCMG intern" activity has been successfully held for five seasons, with an increase of more than 450000 global fans, which fully reflects the improvement of XCMG's overseas popularity and strong influence. More and more overseas fans fall in love with "XCMG"

during the fifth "XCMG interns" activity, the "interns" personally operated construction machinery products under the guidance of their tutors, and experienced XCMG's high-end manufacturing, advanced technology, profound accumulation and craftsman charm at close range; Through the blending, ideological collision and creative burst of the internationally popular graffiti art creation and XCMG's unique intelligent manufacturing innovation of construction machinery, the brand connotation led by XCMG's innovation is explored to a deeper level. After the experience, "interns" have fallen in love with XCMG and "made in China"

Sergio from Italy is very satisfied with his painting works.

"I have never experienced painting graffiti on excavators. XCMG is not like other construction machine companies. I feel his passage for new things and new ideas."

at the results conference, the Kajal love experiment from India was reluctant to give up.

"I have fallen in love with XCMG and hope to CO and actively expand its application field me again."

Uzbekistan Intern otabek said

"everything was imaginary, from the beginning to the end. I had so many unforgettable l personality were really good with us and explained everything in simple ways so we could easily understand.i'd like to join XCMG if I have the chance."

for the effect and influence of XCMG's annual global brand communication activity "XCMG intern" project, the organizer of "Haifan Award" gave such an award speech:

the fifth season XCMG intern activity took "XCMG creator" as the theme, based on the background of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing" and the world trend of brand internationalization development, provided the most in-depth and XCMG's experience tour, which is the most interactive and creates a new Mobai, has attracted wide attention in the global construction machinery industry with its innovative communication form, advanced communication means, in-depth communication content and continuous communication heat, helping XCMG to internationalize its brand construction, and contributing to strengthening the transmission of China's voice to the world and telling Chinese stories well

it is reported that the "Haifan Award" solicitation and selection activity is hosted by the people and the people. It is the first value evaluation activity open to all fields and industries of overseas communication of Chinese institutions. The selection has played a positive role in promoting the overall improvement of overseas communication work of Chinese institutions, strengthening exchanges in the field of overseas marketing and among institutions, grasping the latest trends of international communication, and won high popularity and certain influence in China's international communication community

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