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Why did the brake pads not last long? It is important to form good habits

the brake pad is also a very worn part. When we step on the brake pedal, we all encounter brake failure, abnormal noise of the brake pad and too long braking distance

you should check these problems carefully

1. Use multi-point brake to brake

we all have a lazy habit. We all like to step on it to the end with one foot. If we use emergency brake, everything will be saved

if the aluminum alloy window support qb/t 3887 ⑴ 999 is often used to apply the emergency brake, the wear of the brake pad will be accelerated

because the tire is running at a high speed, the speed is very high, and the power of the speed is also huge. It makes the brake pads stop at once. The friction is too large, which accelerates the wear of the brake pads

if the brake is applied with the inching brake, step on it and release it. This can effectively disperse the huge friction brought by the brake and reduce the wear of the brake pads

it can also prevent the tire from being locked, and the service life of the brake pad can be greatly extended by inching

II. Regular inspection

the brake pads work every day, brake every day, and wear every day, so the wear condition is different every day

to form a good habit of regularly checking the brake pads, you can calculate according to the driving distance and time, and make a schedule to check

after driving for more than 50000 kilometers and more than 3 years, the brake pads have been seriously worn. Looking at the thickness of the brake pads, has one user been looking for a way to replace the metal insert limit system

carefully check the consumption of both sides of the shoe and whether the return of the brake pad is normal. Abnormal noise is also common, and the braking distance will become longer

carefully check the wear condition of the brake pad and replace the brake pad in time

III. abnormal brake pad noise

abnormal brake noise is something we don't want to hear. When we hear the "squeak" sound that can be used on a 20000 km four lane highway, it means that your brake pad has a problem

listen for the sound of grinding iron sheets. If so, it means that your brake pads have been severely worn

if the brake disc is worn, replace the brake pad immediately, otherwise the brake disc will be worn out

IV. the wheels should be well positioned

during long-term daily driving, there are many reasons that may cause the car to deviate, such as inconsistent tire pressure and abnormal damage to the spring shock absorber

this situation will also cause damage to the brake pads. If it is found in time, it is necessary to immediately position the four wheels of the car for fear of poor contact between the sample and the anvil to prevent tire damage

will directly cause excessive wear of the brake pad on the other side. Correct the positioning in time to keep the brake pads in normal use

as the protector of our driving safety, the brake pad plays an extremely key role in automobile braking

for the safety of the brake, start with the maintenance of the brake pads

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