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Polyurethane spraying industry accelerates the pace of energy conservation and emission reduction

energy conservation and emission reduction, as the key goal of the national "12th Five Year Plan", has become an important prerequisite for the development of various industries. Since China failed to achieve the original goal of energy conservation and emission reduction last year, the task this year is particularly arduous

all industries have accelerated the pace of energy conservation and emission reduction, among which building energy conservation plays an important role in energy-saving system engineering. The new standards for architectural design require new buildings across the country to meet the mandatory standard of energy conservation of more than 50%. Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other major cities took the lead in implementing the current standard of 65% energy conservation You can see the promulgation of our machine standard in your own city, which has greatly accelerated the promotion of polyurethane in the construction field. Polyurethane rigid foam exterior wall external insulation system is the insulation system with the best comprehensive performance, which is better than EPS foamed styrene material. The performance of a material cannot be measured after two passes are used for too short a time. On May 19, 2007, the Ministry of Construction issued the technical guidelines for polyurethane rigid foam exterior wall external insulation engineering, which guided the new demand of MDI

in the coating industry, the R & D and improvement of various new areas of polyurethane, including waterborne polyurethane sprayers and polyurethane powder coatings, have changed the pollution of coatings to the environment and air. Especially in the aspect of waterborne polyurethane coatings, although the low market demand for products will also cause manufacturers not to invest too much in research and development, at present, domestic products still have weaknesses such as high VOC content and slow drying speed, but as a development trend, polyurethane has a very broad prospect in this aspect

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