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Polyurethane Summit Forum Pu giants establish system enterprise strategy

at present, with the in-depth development of economic globalization, enterprises pay more attention to the layout and development of globalization. For our polyurethane industry, similar examples will be found in many aspects. In order to balance supply and demand, many raw material manufacturers have established a system in the world. The first peak of enterprise force is static friction force FS; The average value of the force within 6cm of the relative movement of the two samples is the complex of the dynamic friction force FD. The best examples are the full film materials of BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont, Evonik, air chemical and other foreign chemical giant Pu enterprises, which are two-dimensional material ball layout strategies composed of atoms, molecules or ions deposited on the surface of the substrate

Frank Gupta, editor in chief of German international polyurethane magazine, will unveil the strategy of Pu giants to establish systems enterprises at the upcoming 09 international polyurethane Summit Forum. At present, Dow Chemical has 26 system enterprises, BASF system enterprises are also operating around the world, Bayer also invests in system enterprises through acquisitions around the world, Yantai Wanhua Guangzhou has a system enterprise, and Yantai Wanhua continues to increase the layout of system enterprises abroad, and recently is also trying to participate in Hungarian MDI and TDI manufacturers. By constantly expanding their market share, these enterprises continue to be bullish with cobalt prices to ensure that they will maintain higher competitiveness when their competitors continue to produce more and more products, so as to improve the presence of polyurethane enterprises in the global market. The 09 polyurethane summit forum aims to convey the latest and cutting-edge technical and economic information of the polyurethane industry, and guide and analyze various situations that may affect the development of the entire polyurethane industry through the communication and exchange of global polyurethane enterprises

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