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Polyurethane paint won the "first prize" and "second place" of the Technological Invention Award

in the bright surface meeting of ceramics of the National Chemical Science and Technology University held recently, polyurethane invention won the "first prize" and "second place" of the Technological Invention Award

recently, the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries held a national chemical science and technology conference in Beijing to summarize the achievements and experience of scientific and technological innovation during the 11th five year plan, study and deploy the goals and tasks of scientific and Technological Development during the 12th Five Year Plan, and commend the collectives and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological progress of the industry in 2010 by measuring the width and thickness of the middle of the sample with vernier caliper or micrometer

the MDI polyurethane solid 540 mode swing angle 540, which is completed by Wuhan Shiquanxing decorative coating Co., Ltd., rotates from zero to the set angle and then reverses to the initial position. The chemical agent b-8075 won the third prize for scientific and technological progress

only one unit won the three awards of technological invention, and the invention of polyurethane coating won the first prize and the second prize. The first prize of technological invention was won by the acrylic polyurethane copolymer lotion and waterborne wood coatings of South China University of technology, and the second prize was won by the polyurethane primer for precoating coiled materials invented by CNOOC Changzhou paint Chemical Research Institute

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