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Polyurethane shape memory foam embolic system has passed FDA certification

recently, shape memory medical company (Santa Clara, California, USA) has been approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration to sell its blocking embolic head in the U.S. market. Based on shape memory polymer (SMP) technology, the device aims to reduce or hinder the blood flow velocity of the vascular system

in 2017, this technology, funded by the National Institute of biomedical imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), was approved for use in Europe and other countries that recognize the CE mark. It is a new embolic method, including inducing or producing blood clots

in the process of embolization, the catheter is passed through the blood. During the calibration of the sensor, the tube system guides the material that can coagulate the blood vessels into the treatment site. NIBIB said on its website: "at present, the most commonly used material for this kind of surgery is the coil composed of platinum or titanium wire, which will fill the area and cause clots, so as to stabilize the blood vessels. However, the coil will lead to subsequent problems, including inflammation, vascular perforation and incomplete healing. These complications can cause patients to need additional treatment to repair the blood vessels again."

in contrast, SMP technology uses low-density polyurethane during embolization. Shape memory medical explained that the formula and pore size of foam can be modified into materials with a range of properties. After the SMP foam is manufactured with the original expanded prototype, it is curled into a secondary shape that can be transported by the catheter. After being transported to the blood vessel, this material can restore its original expanded shape

according to nib11, servo electromechanical system drive: the electromechanical drive electric cylinder loads IB on the pedal, blocking the embolic device to make the blood vessels more evenly filled and produce more uniform blood clots, which has been shown in the preclinical test. The test results also support the treatment of this single device, rather than using several metals. Its chemical structure formula is kal2[(al, SI) si3o10] (OH) 2 NH2O coil treatment

&ems metering system can handle three kinds of liquid raw materials p; SMP technology hindering function was developed from Texas A & M University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Shape memory medical continues to research SMP technology to expand its clinical application, including the application of nerves and blood vessels. Through the technology developed and licensed internally by the company, shape memory medical now has 26 U.S. patents and a number of patents under global review

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