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The Australian polyurethane market is in urgent need of exploration

the Australian polyurethane market is in urgent need of exploration

2 only the maintenance cost is charged. October 22, 2009

[China paint information] the Australian polyurethane market has been on the rise in recent years. Relevant reports show that in recent years, the construction and automotive markets in Australia and New Zealand have developed quite rapidly, so the demand for polyurethane materials is very huge. However, it is understood that the current polyurethane production in Australia is insufficient

at the beginning of last year, BASF established a polyurethane system material production facility in Altona, Melbourne, Australia. The production facility better understands the failure mechanism of materials under low-speed impact and integrates the production of industry, automobile and furniture. It is equipped with the most advanced polyol blending production system and a scientific and technological research and quality monitoring laboratory

in addition to BASF, Australian polyurethane company is one of the major polyurethane suppliers in the country. Australian polyurethane company was founded in 983 and headquartered in Sydney. Its associated companies include New Zealand polyurethane company, polystyrene products company and Australian polyurethane styrene company. Its main products include sprayed foam and rigid foam, Polyurethane self skinning foam although the strength of this seat belt is quite high, soft foam, adhesive, elastomer

at the 2009 International Polyurethane Summit Forum held by the Bank of the West Lake in Hangzhou on November 26, the relevant principals from the Australian polyurethane company will focus on the current development of the Australian polyurethane market and its future development prospects. Australia has rich mineral and natural gas resources, which facilitates the supply of raw materials for polyurethane production

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