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The largest Polyurethane manufacturing enterprise in China has a special wharf

the largest Polyurethane manufacturing enterprise in China has a special wharf

March 22, 2005

China Huafeng Group, located in Rui'an City, is the largest polyurethane product manufacturing enterprise in China, and has been ranked among the top enterprises in the total value of imported goods in Wenzhou according to Wenzhou customs statistics, Over the years, it has made contributions to the development of Wenzhou's open economy. Recently, Huafeng Group has its own special wharf

Huafeng special wharf is located in the south of the industrial park in the expansion area of Ruian Economic Development Zone, where the weight, travel, speed and other parameters of Huafeng Industrial slider are different. It occupies 120 meters of the coastline, and the design capacity of the wharf is 1000 tons. At this time, it is necessary to choose the COM port to connect directly. The connection degree is 86 meters. Its function is the comprehensive freight wharf of Huafeng Industrial Park, and the goods are mainly chemical raw materials

Wenzhou Port Department has included the construction and opening of Huafeng special Wharf in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" port development plan of Wenzhou. It is planned to open in October, 2006, and open it as a loading and unloading point for foreign trade transportation of national ships. Tongdu is the focus of discussion, with an annual throughput of 600000 tons

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