The hottest polyurethane material has been applied

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Polyurethane material is applied to Sony's new products with remarkable effect

the shape design of Sony's mdr-570lp is very unique. It adopts ultra-thin unit design. The circular arc head beam is wrapped in leather material. It is light and comfortable to wear. The earphone adopts a fully enclosed "December 15-16 ear cover, and the ear pad part is made of polyurethane material. Such material not only has good comfort, but also is suitable for winter and summer, which is very practical. In terms of sound quality, the earphones have a surging low frequency, which is very suitable for the interpretation of pop music

polyurethane material is the best thermal insulation material in the world at present. It is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, automobile, mineral processing, water conservancy, textile, printing, medical treatment, sports, grain processing, construction and other labor time industries. The company aims to build high-quality projects

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