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Polyurethane modified epoxy structural adhesive developed a new

polyurethane modified epoxy structural adhesive developed a new

September 11, 2007

[China paint information] with the rapid development of the construction industry, building structural adhesive has become a new type of structural bonding material. At the same time, it is also used as a new generation of decorative repair materials in building construction to start the special demonstration of China's aviation airborne. Its main uses are: steel bonding and reinforcement of various components, bridge repair, beam and column defect reinforcement of old plant, column lengthening, arm beam bonding, cement pile head lengthening, bracket bonding, etc. As a product with more comprehensive advantages, polyurethane modified epoxy structural adhesive continues to obtain new achievements in research and development. Recently, Jingshan Beihua composite material factory has made new achievements

because epoxy resin has the advantages of convenient operation, hardness of surface hardening layer and effective depth of hardening layer, high strength after curing, environmental aging resistance, moderate price, etc., the commonly used building structural adhesive is epoxy resin adhesive. Epoxy resin adhesive used in construction industry has the following characteristics: high shear strength, compressive strength and tensile strength; It can be used for a long time at -40 ~ 80 ℃; Excellent heat and humidity aging resistance and water resistance; Convenient operation and moderate curing speed. In order to meet the above properties, a suitable formula is necessary. The general formula is: epoxy resin, toughening agent, diluent, filler, curing agent, curing accelerator, etc. Based on the experience of using polyurethane modified epoxy resin widely in foreign building structural adhesives, we have successfully developed a tough epoxy resin for building adhesives - polyurethane modified epoxy resin, brand sl-102c

the main raw materials of polyurethane modified epoxy resin for this building adhesive include epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, organotin catalyst, etc. When synthesizing this material, first preheat the epoxy resin to 60 ℃, add the catalyst, then slowly add the polyurethane resin, react at 80 ~ 90 ℃ under the protection of nitrogen for 4 hours, and then discharge the material. The analysis of test results shows that all servo motors are used. The polyurethane modified epoxy resin has a rotational viscosity of 1800 centipoise at 60 ℃, an epoxy value of 0.37, a light yellow color, is soluble in toluene, butanone, n-butanol, ethyl acetate and other solvents, and is miscible with high melting point epoxy resin. The formula properties developed by Jingshan Beihua composite material factory are: 100 parts of epoxy resin (E-51), 50 parts of polyurethane modified epoxy resin (sl-102c-2), 60 parts of polyamide resin (651), 3 parts of curing accelerator (DMP-30), appropriate amount of filler and diluent

the product has excellent performance in experiment and application test. For example, the service life (25 ℃) is 90min, the curing time is 5 ~ 7d, the tensile strength of the material is 37.9mpa, the compressive strength of the material is 72.5mpa, the shear strength of steel steel is 26.7mpa, the tensile strength of steel steel is 41.5mpa, the uneven tear strength of steel steel is 30.2kn/m, the shear strength of artificial aging (2000h) is 24.4mpa, and the long-term working environment temperature is -50 ~ -70 ℃. Polyurethane modified epoxy tree 2 Jaw quality low fat building structural adhesive combines the advantages of good operability, high strength of epoxy resin and good toughness of polyurethane resin. It is a new generation of building structural adhesive in China. The epoxy adhesive cured at room temperature is an island structure and polyurethane epoxy resin interpenetrating structure. The new formula does not need to use polysulfide rubber with odor and other toughening agents. The cost is slightly lower than that of building structural epoxy adhesive containing polysulfide rubber, and it has excellent strength and aging resistance

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