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Application of Rockwell inverter in large area vacuum coating process

I Industry overview

large area vacuum coating is of great significance in China It also involves a wide range of industries, such as glass, solar energy, steel, printing and dyeing, etc Especially in the glass industry, it is the foundation of many industries The industries directly affected include construction, color TV, LCD, electronics, optical instruments, etc In particular, the popular Low-E curtain wall glass is not only related to the architectural pattern and indoor lighting, but also related to the installation and energy saving of air conditioning. The solution of large area vacuum coating process has great practical significance

II System configuration

in the industrial control system that can monitor large-area vacuum coating, its electrical system diagram is as follows:

in the whole system, 1 The monitoring system adopts industrial PC and Wonderware's InTouch windowsviewer system. It has the functions of data acquisition and real-time monitoring

The control part of

c adopts SLC 5/04 of AB company. It has powerful configuration function

3. The transmission part must be driven by frequency converter, so that the speed of the whole transmission can be easily adjusted according to the requirements of the process

4. The communication part adopts DH-485 communication mode

the design of the whole system should be said to be perfect After half a year of use in the actual environment, the effect is not as expected. The communication time of the monitoring system is very long and the communication is often interrupted for no reason, which not only fails to collect data normally, let alone real-time monitoring. There are a lot of waste products produced, and it takes more time to redo. There is no productivity at all

III. solution

in the long-term practical observation, it is found that the communication interruption is not caused by the damage of communication devices. Slowly find some rules: the number of communication interruption caused by sputtering is the most; The second is the communication interruption during sputtering; Safety measures should be taken for other general pressurized ends, because there are devices damaged or the connection of communication lines is unreliable. There is also a situation that the power on communication is not connected, which affects the improvement of industrial development level

analysis results:

1 Electromagnetic interference of sputtering and coating equipment. The vacuum coating must be equipped with sputtering coating equipment. The sputtering power supply gets 30K high-frequency and high-voltage electricity through rectification, chopping and inversion. The power supply of sputtering equipment causes particularly strong electromagnetic interference

2. The electromagnetic pollution of the whole industrial environment is serious. In the whole control system, there are a lot of relays and high-speed pulses. In this way, the communication cannot work normally, or another pulse is inserted in the communication process to rewrite the communication data. The communication performance of the system is poor

3. The transmission rate of communication is slow


re adopt the enhanced high-speed data network dh+ mode. Its communication data transmission rate reaches 230.4kbps. It is the most widely adapted to the industrial environment. The growth rate of product output in 2011 was 22.35%; It fell to 8.99% in 2012; 8.02% in 2013; In 2014, the growth rate was 7.44%, and the network communication mode has a strong ability to resist external electromagnetic interference. It is suitable for industrial environment with serious electromagnetic pollution. Dh+ industrial local area communication mode is used to realize data acquisition and real-time control of the whole network It is required that all connected communication devices must communicate and interface according to dh+ protocol. PLC is SLC 5/04 of AB company. It has built-in dh+ communication interface. Instead of PLC, the frequency converter is directly connected to the device in the network. After learning about several different brands of frequency converters, the 1336 PLUSII frequency converter of AB company is adopted

modified effect:

in practical use, the effect is very good. Up to now, it has been used for 4 years. From data acquisition to real-time control, the communication is very stable and reliable. The frequency converter and its components operate normally and reliably. The operation technicians in the production department are very convenient to use. In terms of production efficiency, the annual production volume can reach 2.8 million square meters. Fully achieve the capacity of large-scale continuous production

IV 1336 PLUSII frequency converter features:

1 Speed sensorless vector control

2. Power from 0 KW。

3. The running firmware is stored in flash memory of the latest technology level. Users can obtain the latest firmware files through Internet (Internet) or local sales offices, and simply upgrade the firmware of the frequency converter by using the computer or firmware download module (1336f-fdm)

4. Remote adapter. By different options, there may be many different adapters that insiders think. 1336 PLUSII frequency converter has a special remote adapter for communication with dh+

from the characteristics of 1336 PLUSII inverter, speed sensorless vector control is the most popular control technology of inverter today; Power from 0 KW, the current common motor power is basically included. For motors used in occasions without special requirements, the corresponding model can be found in 1336 PLUSII frequency converter; Using flash memory technology, users can easily upgrade the running firmware of their frequency converter; The remote adapter corresponds to different options and can adapt to different communication modes

v Technology outlook

1. Combination of industrial control and remote control

now, many combinations of industrial control and remote control have achieved good results Have the ability to solve the company's technical faults directly on the Internet. Engineers or their technicians can enter their own company's stations through Internet in other places, further enter passwords, and click on the operation of their equipment. In this way, you can know the operation of the equipment like the back of your hand

2. The combination of industrial control and wireless communication

directly use mobile to receive your device operation information or alarm information. This is the technology to be developed at present. We can send the operation information and alarm information of the equipment directly to the mobile Engineer in the form of SMS. So that the engineer can know the operation of the equipment in time. Deal with the failure of the equipment without any delay

3. The combination of industrial control, remote control and wireless communication

this is the technical combination of points 1 and 2. Its implementation enables engineers, whether in the company or on business trips, to know the equipment operation and alarm information of the company at any time and anywhere. More importantly, it can solve the equipment faults thousands of miles away without any delay. In this way, it is a particularly timely solution for the production equipment in use

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