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Rockwell introduces mechanical embedded input/output devices

recently, Rockwell Automation announced the expansion of allenbradley1799 embedded input/output product line to meet the needs of network transmission, while providing high-speed and accurate local input/output response time. This mechanical solution combines input/output circuits, integrates energy supplies and network adapters into a single, low-cost IP00 module, and uses devicelogix technology to provide local control of output

it is reported that the B-series 1799 regional control module is built on the current production line of mechanical embedded input/output solutions and is widely used in aerospace, automotive, marine and energy. If there is any problem, contact us and we will give you better technical support. Most manufacturers have different degrees of inventory in the industry. Through the new extended functional capacity and password protection, they transfer the same structure, High speed input/output execution and utility. In addition, the built-in DeviceNet communication and mechanical controller are connected to the ecological design of the plastic additive product system in the whole life cycle process from waste disposal, which improves the speed and efficiency

jimvargo, marketing manager of Rockwell Automation products, said, "customers who apply mechanical embedded input/output in material processing applications can improve their communication capabilities by using area control cards, which helps reduce costs and simplify installation."

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