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The new controller of Rockwell Automation improves the performance of process control, discrete control and motion control applications

the new controller of Rockwell Automation improves the performance of process control, discrete control and motion control applications. Allen Bradley ControlLogix l73 and L75 controllers have advanced memory, speed and processing capacity, which can make the charging actions of enterprises involved regular, supervised Can evaluate and enhance the motion control function and information function in Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture System

Milwaukee, on August 12, 2010, Rockwell Automation's Allen Bradley ControlLogix series controller added two products, both of which adopt the unified design environment and network protocol in the company's integrated architecture system. ControlLogix l73 and L75 programmable automation controllers (PAC) have advanced memory, speed and processing capabilities, which can meet the requirements of various control applications, from high-performance logic and motion control to information intensive process applications

the integrated architecture system is designed to help customers minimize costs, improve business processes and production data flow, and ultimately achieve plant wide optimization, said Frank kulaszewicz, vice president and general manager of Rockwell Automation Control and visualization business department. As a part of the system, the new PAC has stronger memory and processing capacity, which helps to improve productivity and overall efficiency of equipment, and can provide more timely data to improve decision-making ability

for complex high-performance motion control applications, ControlLogix l73 and L75 PAC can use Etherne. Our high-tech materials will help improve the quality of life of Chinese people. T/ip and SERCOS network interfaces realize seamless connection with motion control drivers. These two controllers support up to 100 axes, further simplifying the synchronization in complex motion control

PACS such as ControlLogix l73 and L75 controllers support multi strategy control systems, which can help manufacturers reduce life cycle costs and total cost of ownership, said Craig Resnick, director of the Research Office of arc consulting group. In addition, these products can help manufacturers optimize communication based on industry standard network protocols, removing additional barriers to collaboration and integration

the 1 GB secure digital card attached to each controller can improve data integrity, and the reading and writing speed is also better than the previous CF technology. The ControlLogix l73 PAC is ideal for users who need less than 16 MB of memory, while the ControlLogix L75 PAC has 32 MB of memory

The new energy storage module attached to the controller will eliminate the dependence on lithium batteries, thus helping users avoid maintenance and environmental problems caused by transportation and waste batteries. USB port can realize faster upload and download speed, firmware upgrade speed and speed

both controllers have on-board display function, which can provide more controller diagnosis and operation information. At present, both models are available

for more information about ControlLogix l73 and L75 PAC, please visit groups/literature/documents/pp/1756-pp015, where organized personnel diversion is the top priority to solve the problem of Longmei_ F

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Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. (nyse: ROK) is the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, committed to helping customers improve productivity, and the world's sustainable development. In December, the export volume reached 1833 units per month. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Rockwell Automation has branches in more than 80 countries and currently employs about 19000 people

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in China, Rockwell Automation has more than 1500 employees and 28 sales agencies (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). At present, five training centers, one R & D center, Dalian software development center, OEM application development centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, and Shanghai production base have been established. The company has actively cooperated with dozens of authorized channel partners and 43 universities in China to jointly provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training for the manufacturing industry

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