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Rockwell Automation launched Micrologix 1400 controller

Rockwell Automation announced the launch of Allen Brad leymicrologix1400 controller for plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. This product provides end users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with higher i/o computing, fast and high-speed calculators and pulse output. Its surface forms a carbonized layer and improves network functions

the new micrologix1400 controller is manufactured based on the functional features of micrologix1100 controller, ethernet/ip and embedded LCD. At the same time, it provides a new great effect that can't be changed. It is the product with the highest cost performance and good functions for traditional media. The series of controllers provide 38 embedded input and output calculation points, and it supports 7 new output and output modules

according to insiders, the new micrologix1400 controller can be well used in general industrial machinery applications, HVAC and building automation, as well as in food, beverage and pharmaceutical production machinery, commercial machinery and monitoring control and data acquisition equipment

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