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Rockwell Automation provides the latest life cycle service agreement

on March 14, Rockwell Automation has formulated a special extended support service to reduce the risks caused by the use of retired or discontinued Rockwell Automation products. The life cycle service agreement is a part of the integrated life cycle management service, which aims to help users find, mitigate and reduce the risks caused by the use of early products in an optimistic situation with increased policy support from various countries. When outdated rockwell automation components do not have corresponding spare parts or cannot get the quick maintenance label, including the sustainability assessment repair composed of 36 standards, the unexpected downtime will be extended. This service agreement can help users minimize the losses caused by unexpected downtime

many companies around the world are still using retired systems to meet today's production needs, which may be because there is no capital required for equipment upgrading, or because there are too many outdated systems to break through the fixed thinking mode and concentrate on mobilizing resources to achieve a comprehensive upgrade, said Lonnie Morris, senior manager of Rockwell Automation. In fact, arc market research company recently reported that 88% of process control manufacturers will continue to use automation products after the retirement date. Because some retired products can still work normally at present, before the manufacturer is able to complete the upgrade to the latest technology, we will extend the service life of users' existing automation equipment as much as possible through the life cycle service agreement, so that users in all industries can have peace of mind

the whole life cycle service agreement includes three types of services, which can provide comprehensive extension support for retired products. These services include scheduled maintenance, remote support and on-site support for discontinued products. Booking maintenance services can ensure that all Rockwell Automation Products covered by the agreement can receive product replacement, emergency support or maintenance services. The required maintenance resources or spare parts may be difficult or unavailable to ordinary users, but this will not affect the users who make an appointment for maintenance services to obtain relevant maintenance services

remote support for discontinued products can provide unlimited web support for any Rockwell Automation decommissioned or discontinued products covered by the agreement. Users can get various technical assistance, including installation, configuration, troubleshooting, diagnosis, and basic instruction writing

on site support for discontinued products can provide annual preventive maintenance, upgrading and planned transformation support for all discontinued Rockwell Automation Products covered by the agreement

the life cycle service agreement is only a part of the integrated life cycle management service, which also includes on-site equipment evaluation services. This evaluation service can provide equipment life cycle analysis reports, including report pages using color recognition, which will help to find and locate retired products in the factory to determine the potential production risk of fire caused by inadvertent ignition of polyurethane foam. At the same time, it can also help users optimize spare parts inventory according to the mean time between failures

in addition, life cycle management services also include upgrade services, which can help users identify the areas of retired equipment with the highest potential risks and provide upgrade planning support. The content of the upgrade service is very wide, ranging from providing information about low-cost tools and procedures to turnkey upgrade projects including global planning, design, programming, installation, startup and comprehensive project management

for more information about life cycle service agreements and integrated life cycle management services, please contact your local Allen Bradley authorized distributor or Rockwell Automation Sales Office

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