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Rockwell software rslogix 5000 software meets the needs of new extensible control system

China industrial control information Rockwell software rslogix 5000 software meets the needs of new extensible control system

the new functions of Rockwell software rslogix 5000 software bring a very simple and intuitive design environment for Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system

Milwaukee, January 16, 2012 Rockwell Automation's latest release of the output of lithium mica concentrate in Yichun, Jiangxi Province is expected to be 200000 tons. Software rslogix 5000 software can provide high-performance integrated control systems for manufacturers and machine manufacturers who need medium-sized control systems. Most notably, the software introduces the integrated motion control function based on ethernet/ip network into the Allen Bradley CompactLogix controller series. Rslogix 5000 V20 can be used with scalable and appropriately sized control system components, so that users can expand i/o points from 200 to 10000 on the basis of a single platform and unchanged user experience

Mike burrows, an executive of Rockwell Automation, said: many machine manufacturers and manufacturers must use multiple sets of control platforms to meet diverse needs, which will lead to system complexity, because each platform has its own unique design environment, user interface and manufacturer support mode. The visionary machine manufacturers and end users hope to use the unified control architecture that is easy to expand to meet the application requirements

rslogix 5000 V20 software provides a unified development environment for Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system. The system can include CompactLogix 5370 series programmable automation controller (PAC), Allen Bradley ControlLogix and Allen Bradley guardlogix 5570 series PAC, Allen Bradley kinetix 350 servo driver based on ethernet/ip and 1734 series point guard i/o analog input module. Such a rich selection of products provides the best solution for application projects, and when the integrated motion function based on ethernet/ip is deployed in a wide range of machine applications, the new components can significantly reduce its cost

in addition to the new hardware support, rslogix 5000 V20 software also uses a simple spreadsheet (EDS) based on text files to provide a low-cost integration method. This provides ethernet/ip users with more product choices, accelerates application development, creates easier to maintain applications, and simplifies the device replacement process. In addition, the function of open socket interface is enhanced, which can be integrated with other types of products

for Allen Bradley PowerFlex 755 series inverter, the automatic replacement function of the equipment is added, which can automatically complete the replacement of the inverter of the operating system on site. The user only needs to set the network address, and the control system can handle all configuration work involving the replacement of the frequency converter. This not only reduces the downtime caused by shutting down the system, but also reduces the errors that may be caused by manually replacing the frequency converter. In addition, the new function of quickconnect can also improve the startup speed. It takes only 100 milliseconds from the power on of quickconnect device to the complete operation of components on ethernet/ip. This function is very important for many applications, such as robot applications that need to change tools quickly

rslogix 5000 V20 adds support for the new guardlogix 5572s and 5573s safety controllers, extending the outstanding performance of CompactLogix 5570 series controllers to safety application projects. The recently released point guard i/o analog input module can provide sil3 level analog input for all P additives without adding too much oil i/o. In addition, rslogix 5000 V20 adds the function of spanning more than one network through unicast i/o for security applications, floating-point computing function and a series of ladder logic instructions that are allowed to be used in security tasks. At the same time, the newly enhanced motion control function improves the timing and positioning accuracy of temporal motion control through the external input driving mode, that is, the motion can now be driven through the axis position information. The newly added interpolation type actual position acceleration compensation function will consider the acceleration when estimating the position value

rslogix 5000 software package is used for the design and configuration of Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture System (i.e. production control and information system with fully integrated control, network, visualization and information technology). Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system can provide all the control functions and information required for various applications such as discrete control, process control, batch control, motion control, drive control and safety control. At the same time, it can also meet the performance information needs of enterprises, including quality and compliance, production management and asset management

November 2017

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